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News Companies & People Environmental Industrial
August 26, 2014  

Big engineering companies work to reduce impacts of industry and oilsands

News Environmental Industrial
August 20, 2014  

Mount Polley tailings disaster prompts inquiry and dam inspections

News Industrial Transportation
July 15, 2014  

First Nations landmark ruling will scuttle resource projects, says Fraser Institute

News Buildings Industrial
July 8, 2014  

Commercial building permits booming

News Companies & People Industrial
July 3, 2014  

Supreme Court of Canada makes landmark ruling on Aboriginal land claims

News Environmental Industrial
June 24, 2014  

Engineers support Northern Gateway Pipeline

News Industrial Water & Wastewater
April 29, 2014  

Fracking wastewater fed to cement kiln in Nova Scotia pilot

News Industrial
February 5, 2014  

ACEC-Canada supports Keystone XL pipeline

News Industrial
December 20, 2013  

Ontario heritage oilfield site was first in world

News Companies & People Industrial
December 17, 2013  

Consulting engineers question environmental assessment of B.C. mine

News Environmental Industrial
July 5, 2013  

New process promises to reduce oilsands’ energy and water use

feature Companies & People Industrial
June 1, 2013  

Don’t Get Into Hot Water

News Companies & People Industrial
April 8, 2013  

$4-billion Kitimat LNG terminal moves a step ahead

News Environmental Industrial
March 26, 2013  

PDAC shows two directions for engineers in the mining sector

feature Buildings Industrial
March 1, 2013  

After a Tornado

News Industrial
November 26, 2012  

Quebec mining industry booming

News Environmental Industrial
November 20, 2012  

Nova Scotia grants BP rights for deep water oil offshore exploration

News Industrial
October 15, 2012  

New Mining Act in Ontario changes game plan

News Environmental Industrial
October 2, 2012  

B.C. refuses to give environmental approval to gold and copper mine

feature Companies & People Environmental Industrial
October 1, 2012  

Award of Excellence: Tailings Management at Greens Creek Mine

News Companies & People Industrial
July 23, 2012  

Massive construction under way for nickel processor in Newfoundland

News Industrial
June 25, 2012  

First Nations want right to process minerals from Ring of Fire

News Companies & People Industrial Transportation
March 7, 2012  

Mining sector is the place to be

News Energy Industrial Transportation
January 17, 2012  

Quebec plans huge energy and mining developments in North

News Buildings Environmental Industrial Transportation
December 21, 2011  

Who’s Doing What? Project News Round-Up – buildings, bridges and dealing with lake sediments

News Companies & People Industrial
October 5, 2011  

Chilean consulting engineers set sights on Toronto

News Industrial
September 24, 2011  

B.C. to push for construction of more Liquid Natural Gas plants

News Buildings Companies & People Industrial Transportation
July 19, 2011  

Engineering firms have role in Campbell River highway, CHUM hospital, lithium mine, Alberta power transmission, carbon capture