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About Canadian Consulting Engineer Awards

About the Awards

The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards are given to projects that demonstrate a high quality of engineering, imagination and innovation. Held annually since 1969, the awards are the most prestigious mark of recognition for consulting engineers in Canada.

The awards are a joint program of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Canada (ACEC) and Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine.


Up to 20 Awards of Excellence are presented from a variety of categories.

In addition, five Special Awards, designated by the jury from projects entered in all categories, are presented:

  • Schreyer Award (Prix Schreyer). This is the highest honour and is presented annually to the best technical entry.
  • Tree for Life Award (Prix Un Arbre à Aimer). The award is given annually to a project that demonstrates outstanding environmental stewardship.
  • Ambassador Award (Prix Ambassadeur). Presented to a project constructed or executed outside Canada that best showcases Canadian engineering expertise.
  • Engineering a Better Canada Award (Prix de l’ingénierie pour un Canada meilleur). Presented to a project that best showcases how engineering enhances the social, economic or cultural quality of life of Canadians.
  • Outreach Award (Prix Rayonnement). Presented for a company’s role in donating their time and/or services for the benefit of a community or group either in Canada or on the international stage. For example, it would recognize a company’s role in alleviating suffering, promoting social awareness, providing education, work, etc.
    The winning projects and companies are presented at a gala dinner in Ottawa in the late fall. Details are published in the October-November issue of Canadian Consulting Engineer.

Entries are solicited in January of each year. Entry forms, criteria, etc. are published at The Stage 1 deadline is generally in March.

The award-winners are selected by a board of eminent Canadian engineers and others who are not directly employed in the consulting engineering business sector.

History / Timeline

1969 The Awards are inaugurated jointly by Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine (Carson Morrison, Editor) and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada — now the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada/l’Association des firmes d’ingéenieurs-conseils- Canada (ACEC/AFIC).

1981 First Schreyer Award given.

1997 Categories reorganized to system basically in place today.

1999 Changes made: (i) Window of eligibility was expanded to include projects that were completed in last three years (instead of two). (ii) At least one of the entering firms now had to be a member of ACEC/AFIC.

2003 Awards of Merit dropped.

2008 First Tree for Life/Un Arbre à Aimer Award given for outstanding environmental stewardship.

2013 Awards of Excellence increased to 20 from 12. Three additional Special Awards made: Ambassador Award, Engineering a Better Canada Award & Outreach Award.


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