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September 20, 2022  

WiRE and WPC name 2022’s Woman of Waterpower

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September 20, 2022  

WSP to design CP Rail’s hydrogen refuelling facilities in Alberta

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September 16, 2022  

ASHRAE and ICC to develop whole-life carbon standard for buildings

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September 13, 2022  

Hatch undertakes commercial-scale lithium-metal production facility study

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September 1, 2022  

Emergency power systems fill in utility gaps

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August 15, 2022  

EXP completes concrete gravity dam for Vale in Sudbury

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August 10, 2022  

CanNor invests in geothermal energy feasibility study for Nunavut

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July 18, 2022  

Tetra Tech acquires TIGA

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July 12, 2022  

Hatch partners with Next Canada to support AI entrepreneurs

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July 4, 2022  

GHD forms CCUS team to support Alberta Carbon Grid

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June 28, 2022  

JLR appoints chief energy systems engineer

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June 23, 2022  

Engineering for global warming and climate change

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June 21, 2022  

WaterPower Canada appoints new president and CEO

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June 10, 2022  

BBA teams with Lombardi on pumped-storage hydropower

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June 6, 2022  

SNC-Lavalin appoints SVP of Canadian nuclear business

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May 10, 2022  

Hatch provides safety advice for pumped storage project in Meaford, Ont.

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May 10, 2022  

SNC-Lavalin wins engineering mandate for Champlain Hudson Power Express project

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May 10, 2022  

SMU plans North America’s tallest solar-integrated façade

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March 25, 2022  

BBA hires director of power system studies

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March 22, 2022  

AE appoints data management and ITS lead

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March 21, 2022  

APEGA announces new president, executive and councillors

March 14, 2022  

OPG awards contract for early SMR site prep work

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February 28, 2022  

SNC-Lavalin wins engineering and design contract for new nuclear research facility

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February 16, 2022  

SNC-Lavalin transfers sixth P3 asset into infrastructure investment vehicle

February 3, 2022  

Bruce Power contracts SNC-Lavalin for fuel channel inspection

January 27, 2022  

Wood secures funding for oil-and-gas robotics project in Newfoundland and Labrador

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January 25, 2022  

COWI eschews fossil fuel projects

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January 18, 2022  

Graham to acquire AECOM industrial-service assets