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October 9, 2019  

Krista Barfoot joins Stantec’s environmental services practice

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August 22, 2019  

Montreal receives federal funding for flood control project

News Environmental
August 6, 2019  

Gatineau receiving flood protection investment

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June 25, 2019  

Calgary and Vancouver release Resilience Strategies

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June 25, 2019  

Sidewalk Labs releases its Master Plan for Toronto’s Quayside

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June 14, 2019  

Leica Geosystem’s new handheld imaging laser scanner

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June 4, 2019  

City of Toronto releases Resilience Strategy

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May 28, 2019  

Canada seeking Clean Energy Innovators

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May 14, 2019  

Bentley Systems acquires Keynetix

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April 30, 2019  

BCIT North Campus project wins Envision Gold Award

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April 5, 2019  

Saskatchewan helping municipalities fund clean-up of abandoned contaminated sites

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March 27, 2019  

Brilliant Resilience

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March 27, 2019  

Smart Solutions

News Environmental Water & Wastewater
March 26, 2019  

Feds funding flood protection in Toronto and York Region

News Environmental Water & Wastewater
March 19, 2019  

Feds fund flood protection project in Southern Alberta

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March 12, 2019  

Flood resilience investment in Edmonton

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March 5, 2019  

Feds funding permafrost research along NWT highways

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February 26, 2019  

Flir introduces the GF77 Gas Find IR

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February 21, 2019  

Mining Association introduces new water stewardship protocol

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November 23, 2018  

Manitoba awards outlet channel projects to Hatch and KGS Group

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November 22, 2018  

Montreal-based Biothermica constructing largest coal mine methane destruction project in North America

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November 20, 2018  

Feds commit $4.5M to fund 109 projects in municipalities across Canada

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October 30, 2018  

Goldcorp awarded $5M from Federal Clean Growth Program

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October 18, 2018  

Study Ranks Ontario Municipalities for their Recycling of Concrete and Asphalt

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September 26, 2018  

City of Regina Greenlights Curbside Organic Waste Pilot Project

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July 11, 2018  

ASCE publishes new manual for Monitoring Dam Performance

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June 19, 2018  

Funding for flood control outlets on Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin announced

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June 5, 2018  

Feds introduce Climate Lens for infrastructure projects