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Self-contained HVAC units save space for MURBs

July 31, 2023

MagicPak HVAC

Photo courtesy Allied Air.

HVAC equipment manufacturer Allied Air EnterprisesMagicPak All-in-One V-Series 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) units are now available in Canada.

With integrated heating and cooling and built-in features for cold environments, the V-Series units’ self-contained package eliminates the need for an outdoor unit or additional power supply, refrigerant lines and accompanying installation items, thus preventing the clutter of traditional HVAC systems, and reduces noise.

The series is designed for installation at multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs), where it can free up space for rooftop pools, lounges, dog parks and green space. It features a self-contained, replaceable, slide-out cooling chassis, Freeze Shield condensate trap and stainless steel heat exchanger. Optional architectural louvers add protection for internal components by attaching to the wall sleeve from outside (compatible with wood frame, cement block, poured concrete or metal stud wall).

“By optimizing space utilization, building owners and developers can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of their properties without condensing units on the roof or ground,” says Kim McGill, vice-president (VP) of marketing for Allied Air. “This is also a selling point for tenants.”


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