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York Dedicated Outdoor Air System from Johnson Controls meets fresh air requirements

December 8, 2015
By Press release

MILWAUKEE (November 12, 2015) – Johnson Controls rounds out its line of HVAC products with a new Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). The York DOAS meets ASHRAE 62.1 fresh air requirements, delivering up to 100 percent clean, dehumidified outside air in all weather and climate conditions. The system also meets customer comfort requirements with precise control through modulating heating and cooling capacities.

The York DOAS is fully configurable, with more factory-installed options than any other unit, making it easy to install and use. Its robust construction, including foam panel double-wall construction, R13 insulation value, renewable/organic insulation material, safe bottom lifting, pre-painted G90 galvanized steel and hinged and lockable doors, allows for reliable performance and longevity.

A direct drive plenum fan is at the heart of the York DOAS, and an energy recovery module pre-conditions fresh air by using energy from the exhaust air. The system also features:

Stainless steel heat exchangers
MERV 8 and MERV 13 filters
Independent modulating reheat circuit
Variable frequency drive supply fan control
ECM condenser fans
Additionally, the DOAS advanced control system is intuitive, user friendly and designed to be integrated with building automation systems.

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