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GE Introduces New TLE Series UPS Global Platform with Industry-Leading Efficiency and High Output Power

July 2, 2013
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

DALLAS—June 4, 2013—To meet the growing power needs of mission-critical facilities, GE (NYSE: GE) today introduced its new TLE Series uninterruptible power supply (UPS) global platform. The TLE Series transformer-less, three-phase UPS applies GE’s innovative technology to provide facilities with best-in-class operating efficiencies—up to 97 percent efficiency in double-conversion mode and up to 99 percent in eBoost, also known as multi-mode, operation. By operating at such high efficiencies, the TLE platform helps lower system operating expenses and power usage effectiveness (PUE). In addition, the TLE Series delivers clean power quality, including low-input harmonics, high-input power factor and low-output voltage distortion, to the critical loads.

GE’s TLE Series provides mission-critical facilities such as data centers, healthcare facilities and financial institutions with the broadest range of double-conversion output power available in the industry today—ranging up to 1.5 megawatts (MW) in a single module. To meet customers’ reliability, efficiency and power demands worldwide, the TLE Series is offered in both UL and CE versions. The CE version spans up to 1.2 MW, while the UL version ranges up to 1.5 MW. The TLE 160-kilowatt (kW) to 400-kW, CE-rated products are available now; and the UL-rated products will be available throughout 2013 with the higher power ranges available in 2014.

The platform offers an unprecedented level of power density, a measure of the amount of power output compared to the product’s size or footprint, which reduces the overall capital expense of installation. The small footprint makes the TLE ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications where space optimization is a priority.

“GE’s TLE Series UPS system delivers highly efficient, reliable power to the critical applications that need it the most,” said Riccardo Rutili, UPS general manager, GE’s Critical Power business. “By helping to reduce energy consumption in mission-critical facilities such as data centers, hospitals and banks, our TLE Series UPS systems can directly reduce operating expenses for our customers.”

The TLE Series UPS’ highly efficient, multi-mode technology provides significant life cycle energy cost savings in both double-conversion and eBoost operating mode. Equipped with a TLE UPS and operating in double-conversion mode with 97 percent efficiency, a typical large, enterprise-class data center with a 5-MW critical load can realize life cycle operating expense savings up to $2 million when compared to a typical double-conversion, 93 percent efficient UPS due to its reduced energy costs. In eBoost operating mode, the TLE provides additional energy cost reductions and provides up to $3.5 million in life cycle operating expense savings.

GE’s proven Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) provides the TLE Series with the ability to connect up to six TLE modules together for high-capacity system redundancy and higher reliability. The RPA system eliminates single points of failure, ensuring the load is protected in the event a single UPS module is out of service.

The TLE UPS offers improved serviceability and a lower mean time to repair than standard UPS systems in part due to its front-accessible maintenance, advanced diagnostics and monitoring capabilities, including waveform capture. These capabilities improve system reliability and speed up the time needed to get a UPS back in operation after a repair.

Another GE exclusive available to customers is its Capital Retrofit Program. Through a partnership with GE Capital, GE’s Critical Power business offers customers a unique financing opportunity. Customers can take advantage of customized financial lease programs and terms to support equipment upgrades and retrofits. These lease programs and terms have been designed specifically with customers’ needs in mind to ensure facilities can affordably implement the latest technologies, products and services to achieve more efficient and reliable power.

Recently announced, GE’s Critical Power business provides mission-critical applications with end-to-end power product and service solutions specifically designed to maximize uptime while improving energy efficiency. The solutions offered by the Critical Power business add to GE’s broader Industrial Solutions portfolio of leading technologies designed for the delivery, management and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple industries. To learn more about GE’s Critical Power business, visit:

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