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ClimaCool Corp. Provides Optimal Quality and Energy Efficiency With Award-Winning Simultaneous Heating and Cooling (SHC) Modular Chillers

February 8, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., June 15, 2015 – ClimaCool Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial modular chillers and packaged rooftop products in the new construction and retrofit markets, promotes sustainability and energy efficiency with the innovative design of their award-winning Simultaneous Heating and Cooling (SHC) modular chiller systems. Utilized in building applications that demand coinciding heating and cooling loads, SHC chillers dramatically increase energy savings by removing the need for separate systems and provide simplicity and flexibility to building configurations.

“ClimaCool products, engineered specifically to offer lowest total cost of ownership with minimal operating footprint are ideal for schools, healthcare and other market applications” said Ross Miglio, President of ClimaCool. “Focused on providing high quality solutions, ClimaCool delivers innovation, flexibility and reliability through all of our products and provides a sustainable alternative for both new construction and retrofitting.”

Engineered to eliminate the need for large chiller systems and boiler room equipment, SHC on Demand® produces heating, cooling, and hot water from a single unit, minimizing the operating footprint. The chiller system delivers cooling to areas with a sizable cooling load, such as surgery suites or computer rooms, and transfers the captured heat via the condenser or heat recovery loop to areas requiring heat, such as patient rooms.

The patent-pending six-header design with integral motorized isolation valves effectively eliminates the required space between and external to the modules and allows for same end piping connections. When coupled with the already compact SHC, this saves 75% of the average footprint compared to traditional boiler/chiller systems and up to 40% when compared to typical simultaneous heat pump and heat recovery systems, ultimately saving installation and operating costs. With bank sizes ranging from 15 to 1,000 tons, the compact, simplicity-driven system ensures all load requirements are met.

The innovative design can be utilized with cooling towers, geothermal (ground and lake) loops, or hybrid systems for true application flexibility. Cooling, heating, and source piping configuration is available on same or opposite ends, allowing for numerous piping layouts demanded by mechanical room requirements, whereas average simultaneous banks restrict configuration options to hot and cold water on opposite ends. Additionally, the SHC onDemand® operation allows any module to be indexed for heating or cooling regardless of its position within the bank supplying optimum performance and compressor run time equalization.

Awarded the 2012 AHR Expo Innovation Award for Green Building, the SHC onDemand® heat pump and heat recovery system was created with a focus on reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact of heating and cooling equipment by harnessing energy that is already being produced but not used. This focus results in a product that can contribute points in up to six LEED categories for new or upgrading construction, and potentially lower energy costs by more than 50% compared to traditional systems.

“ClimaCool has a history of innovation in developing and applying cutting edge HVAC technology in commercial projects across the U.S.,” Miglio said. “Beginning with our early days as leaders in the supply of modular chillers to the U.S. market, ClimaCool has built on this legacy to become a premier manufacturer of ultimate climate solutions like the SHC on Demand®. With our 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Oklahoma City that includes a state-of-the-art test stand for AHRI certification along with multiple production lines of advance manufacturing equipment, ClimaCool is well-positioned for continuing its trajectory of success”.

Although constructed with optimal simplicity and flexibility, SHCs still provide ultimate efficiency. ClimaCool’s CoolLogic control system provides advanced algorithms for maintaining precise leaving chilled and hot water temperatures. Offering cooling efficiencies up to 25 EER and heating efficiencies up to 5 COP, ClimaCool’s innovative engineering simplifies the cooling and heating process while still providing optimal and consistent occupancy comfort.

For more information, please visit ClimaCool is a subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. – NYSE symbol: LXU
About ClimaCool Corp.

ClimaCool is a commercial manufacturer of packaged rooftop products and modular chillers utilized in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as cooling, heat recovery, make-up air, geothermal heat pump and simultaneous heating and cooling systems. Addressable markets include education, health care, government, public, business services, hospitality and more.


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