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ACEC-BC: Navigating Difficult Conversations – Counter-Intuitive Strategies for Dealing with Challenging Situations

October 26, 2017
The Metropolitan Hotel, 645 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2Y9

You know those difficult, awkward conversations, where you needed to tell someone something they really didn’t want to hear? Or, those conversations where someone came at you and caught you off-guard? Or you had opposing opinions? We usually deal with these situations in one of two ways… Either we want to run away, or we come in guns-a-blazin’. Usually, neither of these choices works long term. There is a third, much more effective way. This workshop will give you 4 completely counter-intuitive strategies for successfully managing difficult situations. You will learn:

– Lessons from the Borg: “Resistance is futile”
– Resisting the Bait – knowing and managing your triggers
– Managing Defensiveness – in you and others
– Finding the Balance between Right and Happy: strategies for balancing needs with relationship

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