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Transform Unused Commercial Spaces with Saniflo

May 8, 2015

GUELPH, ONTARIO — Saniflo Canada, the worldwide leader in macerating and grinding toilet as well as drain-water pumping systems, is pleased to present its innovative product line as an ideal solution to transform an unused warehouse or commercial area into a functional space without slowing down operations or breaking the budget. As of February 2013, over 100,000 people in 81 countries were co-sharing workspaces. This is compared to the 50,000 recorded only a year earlier[1]. The growth of office sharing suggests that leveraging unused commercial space for leasing purposes could be a great revenue-generating opportunity.

“Saniflo is the perfect solution for both large and small scale commercial renovations, particularly for modifying unused commercial spaces,” said Ross Evans, national sales manager, Saniflo. “Our products support multiple fixtures, can be installed above ground and are time-saving – meaning your business will not suffer as a result of long and costly renovations.”

This lineup is the best alternative to maximize an unused commercial space, whether to improve business function or transform the space for new revenue opportunities. They are quick and easy to install, taking as little as one day. This means little to no time is lost because of disruptive construction, and renovations remain within budget. Additionally, because the unit uses macerating pump technology there is no need to break the walls or concrete and the rest of the building can remain untouched.

To complete the commercial renovation, all you need is water, power and a soil stack. It’s that simple with Saniflo!

Saniflo Canada offers a complete line of macerating toilet systems and drain-water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo markets across Canada, and is currently available through most major plumbing wholesalers and hardware retailers. For more information or installation videos, please visit or call Saniflo Canada at 1-800-363-5874.


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