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S-FRAME Software announces new visualization tool: S-VIEW

April 2, 2013
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

S-FRAME Software Inc., developer of structural engineering software solutions used by Structural and Civil Engineering Professionals worldwide, announced the introduction of a new S-FRAME visualization tool called S-VIEW. The product is included with S-FRAME Analysis R11, but it can also be utilized standalone from S-FRAME Analysis.

S-VIEW is a powerful new model and results viewer. Besides being capable of capturing screenshots in PNG, BMP, JPG and GIF formats, S-VIEW can also create fly-by and orbiting animations, generate contour diagrams, capture multiple step analysis for time history, moving load, nonlinear static, pushover analysis, vibration analysis and more as a single animation in WMV or AVI format, control the production of an animation through camera movements, animation speed and timeline scrubbing, and create graphs of data such as accelerations, nodal excitations, displacements, and stresses. All these results can be easily shared via a single S-VIEW file for easy collaboration with co-workers, clients and other project members.

S-VIEW is available today as part of S-FRAME Analysis R11 or as a standalone S-FRAME Structural Office component.

Dr. Marinos Stylianou, CEO of S-FRAME, commented about S-VIEW, “The value of design and analysis software is critically dependent on its ability to effectively communicate results to others involved with a project. S-VIEW brings superior visualization capabilities with image and animation generation functionality which can be utilized within project reports, online distribution and team collaboration. Our Structural Office R11 release put an intense focus on enhancing the ability for our customers to collaborate easily and effectively in as many ways as possible and S-VIEW is the latest result of this focus.”

About S-FRAME Software, Inc.

Since 1981, after introducing its first commercially available 2D analysis program, S-FRAME Software has led the industry in the development of easy-to-use, reliable, and innovative analysis and design software products trusted by structural and civil engineers worldwide working in a multitude of industries. S-FRAME’s Structural Office is a structural model management environment that enables users to design robust structures regardless of geometric complexity, material types, loading conditions, nonlinear effects, and design-code requirements. S-FRAME’s software products include: S-FRAME®, S-STEEL™, S-PAD™, S-CALC™, S-CONCRETE™, and S-LINE™.


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