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Navien introduces new products at IBS and AHR in January 2016

February 8, 2016

Navien introduced the following new products at IBS and AHR in January 2016

NCB-E Combi boiler series

  1. NaviLink™ Wi-Fi remote control system for all product groups
  2. HotButton™ an on-demand recirculation accessory
  3. H2Air™ Kit for combination space heating and DHW

  1. Navien’s Award Winning NCB Combi-boiler Evolves for 2016

Always innovating, Navien is introducing their next generation combi-boiler, the NCB-E. Navien’s NCB series is unique in that, as one unit, it is capable of providing a whole house heating system while also providing the domestic hot water output of a stand-alone tankless water heater. Now available in 4 sizes: NCB-150E, NCB-180E, NCB-210E, NCB-240E. The NCB-E will be a rolling replacement, now with a Grundfos pump, an integral air vent, a PRV top connection, a quieter fan and a new front cover bevel design.

  1. Navien Introduces NaviLink™ for Wi-Fi Remote Control


Navien is pleased to announce the introduction of remote access for all Navien tankless water heaters (NPE series), combi-boilers (NCB-E series) and gas condensing boilers (NHB series) through the new NaviLink Wi-Fi control and mobile application.

Now, smart phone and tablet owners will be able to control temperatures remotely, access usage data, receive diagnostic notifications, remotely activate recirculation and schedule by day M-F and hour recirculation on the NPE-A series tankless water heaters – an industry first.

NaviLink will be able to report and monitor diagnostic data through the companion app along with error code notification. NaviLink is capable of reporting the following information for added comfort and peace of mind: DHW and Space Heating set temperatures, Current DHW Temperature, DHW Flow Rates, Inlet Water Temperature, Total DHW Consumption, Average Firing Rate, Cumulative Gas Consumption, And On Demand activation tracking.

With the integration of NaviLink Wi-Fi connectivity a whole new level of control and comfort can be achieved with Navien’s products never before seen in our industry. Navien continues to lead the way in innovation for the plumbing industry that consumers and installers have come to expect from the leader in condensing technology.

NaviLink for NPE-A series tankless water heaters will allow robust control of the recirculation pump and system. As you have come to expect, Navien has enginerred NaviLink to allow more control and fine tuning of the recirculation system when paired with the Navien HotButton on demand control system. When NaviLink and HotButton are combined consumers will have a level of comfort and control never seen before in the water heating market. Contractors will be able to fine tune recirculation operation by day and hour, something previously unavailable in the water heating and plumbing market.

“Navien’s NaviLink Wi-Fi control system will bring an unseen and unprecedented level of control and comfort to the plumbing industry. By continuing our innovative approach to product development in the water heating and boiler markets we are able to provide consumers with the most comfortable experience possible,” said Eric Ashley, Product Marketing Supervisor.

The new NaviLink module, which can be bundled with any new or existing NPE series tankless water heater, NCB combi-boiler, and NHB boiler, attaches easily to the series listed above by using a cascade style quick connect cable allowing the NaviLink to connect to your local Wi-Fi network. Once connected and the free Navien application is downloaded and activated, users will have complete access to control their tankless, combi-boiler, and boiler systems from a smartphone or tablet allowing users to turn the system on and off, change the water temperature, monitor status, activate the recirculation system and schedule pump operation by day and hour an industry first. Available for shipment in March.


  1. Navien Introduces HotButton™ for On-Demand Recirculation


At the push of a button, Navien’s new HotButton accessory activates the internal recirculation pump and gas fired burner to heat up the water in the supply lines. This gives users hot water when they need it, saving water and money. HotButton is now available as an add-on accessory for all NPE-A models (NPE-180A, NPE-210A, NPE-240A). California Title 24 compliant.


  1. Navien Introduces the H2Air™ Kit for Combination Space Heating and DHW


Navien’s new H2Air Kit utilizes the NPE-A tankless water heater pump to circulate the hot water for the hydronic air handler. This removes the need to purchase an additional circulator for the heating system. Designed for both retrofit and new construction residential applications, Navien’s H2Air Kit consiste of an add-on controller that allows for space heating and DHW system integration between NPE-A series tankless water heater models and a hydronic air handler.

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About Navien


An official ENERGY STAR® partner of the Residential Water Heater Program, Navien is the recognized leader in condensing technology. The company name is derived from three words: Navigator / Energy / Environment, with a mission to provide customers with the ultimate comfortable living environment through energy efficient products by using innovative technology to create a healthier environment for our future generations. Navien products are available in the United States and Canada through a selected network of wholesale distributors. For more information visit us at


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