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NFPA World Safety Conference & Exposition

May 1, 2007
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

KEYNOTE ADDRESS -- SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS — SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1:00-3:00 p.m.


The author and historian, author of such best-selling books as John Adams and 1776, speaks on “Leadership and the History You Don’t Know.”


The education sessions listed below are just a selection from the Building and Life Safety, Detection and Suppression, Fire Protection Engineering, Codes and Standards, and Premises Security Tracks. For full details of all sessions visit, tel. 1-800-397-6209.


8 A.M. – 9 A.M.

SU02 The AHJ Perspective — Planned Building Groups

Dana Haagensen, Massachusetts Office of the State Fire Marshal

SU03 Hazardous Occupancies and Explosion Relief

Robert Davidson, Davidson Code Concepts; Sal DiCristina, Rutgers University

SU09 A SWOT Analysis of Fire Protection Engineering in Australia

Cyril McIvor and Jane Schauer, Dysen Pty

SU10 Use of Worst Case Scenarios in Fire Safety Design

Peter Johnson, Arup Fire

SU14 Older Adults — Fire Safety and Smoke Alarms

Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates

9.30 A.M. – 10.30 A.M.

SU24 Underground Rail Station Emergency Evacuation. Review of Current Codes.

Kai Kang, Hatch Mott MacDonald; Robert Till

SU25 Commissioning — New Buzzword or a Best Practice?

David Hague, NFPA

SU26 Protecting Ethanol Fuel Facilities — Criteria for Detection and Discharge of Foam Systems

Kenneth Gentile, Rolf Jensen & Associates; John Vieweger, Chemguard

SU27 Optimizing Fire Alarm Notification for High-Risk Groups

Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University; Steven Gwynne, Hughes Associates

SU30 Fire Protection Professionals in A/E Project Management

Moriel Kaplan and Kevin Kimmel, Schirmer Engineering

SU31 Using Design to Help People Make Better Decisions During Fires

Norman Groner, John Jay College

11 A.M. – 12 P.M.

SU41 Transit Station Design in the World’s Busiest Airport

Brian Papagni, Rolf Jensen Assoc.

SU42 Fire Test: Sprinkler Protection for Storage Pallets — Exploration of Fire Challenges Using Large-Scale Testing

Kerry Bell, Underwriters Laboratories; Ken Linder, Industrial Risk Insurers

SU43 Fire Test: Smoke Detector Performance with Deep Beams and Deep Beam Pockets

Daniel O’Connor, Schirmer Engineering

SU44 Case Study: Centralized Campus Fire Alarm Reporting

Michael DiMascio and Andrew Woodward, Arup

SU47 Human Factors of Means of Egress: History, Current Problems, and Implications for the Future

John Fruin, Researcher; Jake Pauls, Jake Pauls Consulting Services

SU48 Performance-Based Design for Senior Housing and an International Case Study

Clay Aler and Steven Welsh, Koffel Assoc.

SU53 NFPA 731, Second Edition.

Shane Cleary, Bay Alarm Co.


8 A.M. – 9.30 A.M.

M02 NFPA and Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings: a Status Report

Milosh Puchovsky, NFPA

M03 NFPA 13 Update

James Lake, NFPA

M05 Fire Test: Advances in In-Rack Sprinkler Fire Protection Schemes for High Bay Rack Warehouse Scenarios Based on a European Rack Storage Arrangement.

Paul Hart, Swiss RE Global Asset Protection Services; Martin Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories; Tim Testerman, Procter & Gamble

M06 Directional Sound: Understanding a New Technology to Improve Evacuation Times

Jeffrey Klein, System Sensor; Daniel O’Connor, Schirmer Engineering

M11 Safeguarding Research Environments

Ralf Bruyninckx and Dirk Claessens, Fire Protection Consultants

M15 Howard Street Tunnel Fire, Baltimore.

Kevin McGrattan, NIST

10.00 – 11.00 A.M.

M21 Questions on the WTC Investigation (repeated session T54)

M22 Code Enforcement Assistance Using UL Certifications and Services

Howard Hopper, Underwriters Laboratories

M24 Visual Signaling in Big Box Stores — Can You See the Light?

Robert Schifiliti, R.P. Schifiliti Assoc.

M25 Fire Test: Advances in Cold Storage and Unheated Warehouse Fire Protection

James Golinveaux, Tyco Fire & Building Products

M29 High-Rise Buildings — Large Fires

Edward Munyak, Consultant

M30 Fire Protection and Life Safety Code Compliance Approaches for Laboratory Facilities

Jonathan Eisenberg, Rolf Jensen & Assoc.

M31 Update on Premises Security

Michael Devore, State Farm Insurance, John C. Fannin, III

11.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.

M41 Changes to NFPA 25 (repeated session T56)

M43 Residential Sprinklers and Interactions with Ceiling Fans

Victoria Valentine, National Fire Sprinkler Assoc.

M46 When Water Becomes a Threat: Fire Protection of Pyrophoric Products

Jean-Francois Cadorin, FPC; Souren Dakessian, FPC Middle East

3.30 P.M. – 5.30 P.M.

M56 Part I: Mitigating Internal Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems

David Hague, NFPA Moderator; John O’Neill, Protection Engineering Group; Ockert Van Der Schijff, CorrConsult .

Part II: Corrosion Failure and Prevention in Dry Pipe and Preaction Sprinkler Systems

Mark Hopkins, Hughes Associates

M59 NFPA 72 — Things to Know about the 2007 Edition

Shane Clary, Bay Alarm Company; Raymond Grill, ARUP

M61 Automatic Sprinkler Research at the Fire Protection Research Foundation

Kathleen Almand, Fire Protection Research Foundation; Garner Palenske, Schirmer Engineering Corp.

M67 Compressed Air Foam Systems –Technology and Applications

Armand V. Brandao and Sean O’Rourke, FM Approvals


8 A.M. – 9 A.M.

T01 Building for Safety: Coordination Between the Design Profession and the Fire Service

Kenneth Bush, Maryland Office of the State Fire Marshal; Catherine Stashak, Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal

T02 Update on the 2008 Edition of ANSI/ICC A117.1 Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Allan Fraser, NFPA

T03 The Latest on Standpipe Systems

David Hague, NFPA; Kevin Kelly, National Fire Sprinkler Association

T05 Fire Test: Evaluation of Sprinkler Installations in Warehouse Scenarios with Sloped Ceiling Configurations

Paul Hart, Swiss RE Global Asset Protection Services; Martin Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories; Peter Willse, Swiss RE Global Asset Protection Services

T07 Tunnel Fire Operations in Frankfurt am Main

Jens Stiegel, Frankfurt Fire Dept.

T10 Water Supply Alternatives for Aircraft Hangars

Hal Key, Mesa Fire Dept.

9.30 A.M.-.10.30 A.M.

T21 Seismic Changes to NFPA 13, 2007 Edition

James Lake, NFPA

T23 Mandatory Carbon Monoxide Legislation — Pros and Cons

Timothy Hawthorne, Cranston Fire Dept.

T27 Effect of Air Diffusers on Sprinkler Response Time in Commercial Buildings

David Klepitch, Koffel Associates

9.30 A.M.-.12.00 P.M.

T33 Assembly Occupancies: Manage the Crowd, Manage the Venue — Tools and Outcomes for Success

Ron Cote, NFPA Moderator; Howard Hopper, Underwriters Laboratories; Paul Wertheimer, Crowd Management Strategies

11 A.M.-.12.00 P.M.

T39 Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?

Allan Fraser, NFPA

T40 Seismic Brace Design and Calculation 101

James Lake, NFPA

T42 Application of Video Smoke and Flam
e Detection Systems in Vehicle Tunnels and Other Applications

Kenneth Gentile, Rolf Jensen & Assoc.

T46 Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems

Mat Chibbaro, U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA

2.15 P.M.-.3.45 P.M.

Featured Presentation

T-FP The Legacy of the Station Nightclub Fire: Code Changes, Research, and Legislation

Gary Keith, NFPA Moderator; Daniel Madrzykowski, NIST-BFRL, etc.

4.15 P.M. – 5.45 P.M.

Spotlight Presentations

T54 Questions on the WTC Investigation (repeated session M21)

James Quintiere, University of Maryland.

Nearly two years after the World Trade Center investigation was completed, unanswered questions remain involving discarded steel with forensic information, the steel insulation design process and role of trusses, unproven lost insulation on impact, a fuel load used that is far too low, and more.

T55 The Cocoanut Grove Fire Revisited

Dr. John R. Hall, Jr., NFPA, Moderator; Paul Christian, Boston Fire Dept. Jack Deady; etc. Panel discussion that will examine the legacy of the 1942 Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire in Boston from a multi-disciplinary approach.

T56 Changes to NFPA 25 (repeated session M41)

David Hague, NFPA

Requirements for inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems.

T57 Mass Notification. Where is it Heading?

Raymond Grill, ARUP

The Mass Notification Task Group to the National Fire Alarm Code TCC has been diligently preparing proposed code changes for the next edition of NFPA 72.

For details of all tracks and sessions visit, tel. 1-800-397-6209.


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