Canadian Consulting Engineer

Smart pumps get smaller

April 3, 2024

Bell & Gossett e80x

Photo courtesy Bell & Gossett.

Part of Bell & Gossett’s series of smart pump products, the new e-80X offers enhancements to the Series e-80 vertical in-line pump line by pairing it with parent company’s Xylem’s hydrovar X smart motor.

This combination delivers a more compact size—approximately 25% smaller than the legacy e-80 ITSC package—and an increased speed of 4,000 RPM versus 3,600 RPM, increasing pump hydraulic performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

All products in Bell & Gossett’s hydrovar X series offer built-in intelligence and safety, an IE5 permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motor for high efficiency and sustainable technology that doesn’t use rare earth metals.


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