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Bolt anchors increase strength

July 31, 2023

Fewer fastening points are required per project.

FAZ II Plus bolt anchor

Image courtesy Fischer.

Fischer’s FAZ II Plus bolt anchors offer higher assessed tensile load-bearing capacity, fire resistance and material strength than their predecessors.

Railings, steel beams, pipeline suspensions, cable runs, consoles, façade substructures, wood structures, lifts, conveyor belts and hoists can all be permanently, safely fastened in a variety of construction materials. The anchors are designed to transfer high static and medium dynamic loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete, but are also suitable for non-dynamic sand-lime brick applications and for anchorages in steel fibre-reinforced concrete.

Thanks to the anchors’ increased tensile load-bearing capacity and higher strength, fewer fastening points and anchors are required per application and project, reducing time and costs. Fischer promises a service life of 120 years.


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