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NFPA World Safety Conference & Exposition June 2-5, 2008, Las Vegas

May 1, 2008
By Canadian Consulting Engineer



8 AM -9 AM

M02 NFPA’s Personal School Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide Allan B. Fraser, NFPA

M04 Environmental and Regulatory Update on Fire Fighting Foams Tom Cortina, Fire Fighting Foam Coalition


M12 Case Study: Recent Large Loss Industrial Fires Involving Impaired Suppression Systems Robert Zalosh, FIREXPLO

M13 Application of an Emergency Egress Risk Index System for Industrial Occupancies Kelly G. Mansfield and Thomas V. Rodante, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants

M14 Performance-Based Smoke Control Design Brian Thompson, Aegis Engineering

M15 Case Study: Fire Afloat, Lessons Learned from the Harborview Marina Dick J. Bower, City of Gig Harbor

M17 NFPA’s Proposed New Project on Commissioning of Fire Protection Systems, NFPA 3 David R. Hague, NFPA

9.30 AM -10.30 AM

M20 Update on Revised Americans with Disability Act and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines Jim Pecht, U. S. Access Board

M23 A First Responders Guide to Ethanol Incidents at Ethanol Production and Distribution Facilities Kristy Moore, Renewable Fuels Association

M24 Prefabricated Fire Pump Installations John D. Jensen, JFP Engineering PC

M25 Fire Test: Investigation on Fire Detection Technologies for Road Tunnels Gary Lougheed, National Research Council Canada

M27 Managing Smoke Movement During a High-Rise Fire William Z. Black, Georgia Institute of Technology

M28 Analysis of Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems Daniel Corbett, Disneyland Resort M29 Innovative Fire Alarm Design Life Safety Geospatial Data Audits David J. Sylvester, Sr., Seneca College Fire Protection Engineering

M31 Leadership in Life Safety Design Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation

M34 Muddling Through to Prevention Success Nyle Zikmund, Spring Lake Park/ Blaine/Mounds View Fire Department

11 AM -12 PM

M36 Case Study: Health Care Fire Alarm Design and Retrofit Mark Cavanaugh, University of Rochester; Tim Deruyscher, Robson and Woese

M37 Fire Protection Strategies for Large Hotel Properties Richard Anderson, Anderson Risk Consultants; April Berkol, Starwood Hotels & Resorts; Byron L. Briese, Rolf Jensen & Associates; Azarang Mirkhah, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue; Jeffrey Shearman, Zurich Services Corp.

M41 Getting More Out of Your Campus Fire Alarm Systems: Campus Mass Notification Chad R. Barnes, C&S Engineers

M42 Fire Protection Design Considerations for Target Hazards at Ethanol Production and Distribution Facilities Frank Monikowski, SimplexGrinnell Ronald Stein, AON Global Risk Consultants

M44 Fire Wall Design Basics for Effective Containment of Large Oil Fires at Electrical Power Substations Alonso Rodriguez, California Institute of Technology

M47 Case Study: Study on a Photoluminescent Stairwell Installation Guylne Proulx, National Research Council Canada

M48 Current Knowledge and Training Regarding Backdraft, Flashover and Other Rapid Fire Progression Phenomena Gregory E. Gorbett and Patrick M. Kennedy, Kennedy & Associates; Ronald L. Hopkins, Eastern Kentucky University

1 PM -3 PM

M-GS NFPA General Session


8 AM -9 AM

T01 Classifying Chemical Oxidizers for Storage: Research Project Update Elizabeth C. Buc, Fire and Materials Research Lab

T02 Case Study: Old Technology with New Twists for Pier Protection John E. Kampmeyer, Triad Fire Protection Engineering

T03 NFPA 13 Earthquake Protection Criteria: Changes and Impacts J Scott Mitchell, B & W Technical Services Pantex

T07 Case Study: Myth -You Should Install ESFR’s; They Protect Anything! Anton Jensen, Jr., Liberty Mutual Property

T09 Applying the New Code Requirements for Nightclubs R. T. Leicht, Delaware State Fire Marshals Office

T10 Changes to NFPA 51B: Just When You Thought Hot Work Couldn’t Get Any Hotter Amy Spencer, NFPA

T12 Security in the Age of Terrorism: Transforming a Soft Target Into a Hard Target John J. Tello, Boston Properties

T15 Fire Test: Full-Scale Test Results of Flammable Liquids in Stacked Drums -Polyester Resins Joseph Scheffey, Hughes Assoc Inc.; Jeffrey Shapiro, International Code Consultants

T16 Sprinkler Failure Due to Deficiencies Kumar R. Bhimavarapu and Fred W. Tatar, FM Global

T17 Coordinating Fire Protection Aspects for Cities Under One Roof Douglas H. Evans, Clark County Building; Joshua D. Greene, Rolf Jensen & Associates; David G. Wessel, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

9.30 AM -10.30 AM

T20 Building a Security Program from the Ground Up Robert Wetherell, Pearson

T22 Case Study: Fire Alarm System Replacement for the National Air and Space Museum Matthew Lausch, M. C. Dean.

T27 Teaching High School Students the Chemistry of Fire

Morgan Hurley and Chris Jelenewicz, Society of Fire Protection Engineers

T29 Plan Review Submissions: Get It Right the First Time

Wayne Clark and Bradford Cronin, Newport Fire Dept.

T30 Las Vegas Theaters: the Weird, the Strange and the Unusual

Richard Muller and Christine Theisen, RJA

T31 Smoke Detector Spacing Requirements for Complex Beamed and Sloped Ceilings Daniel Gottuk and Jason Floyd, Hughes Associate.

T32 Understanding Fire Codes Governing Use of Composite Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for Storage of Combustible Liquids Michael Snyder, Dow Corning

T35 Case Study: Analysis of the E2 Nightclub Disaster

Edward Prendergast, Wolf Technical Services

11 AM -12.30 PM

T38 NFPA 25 Update

David Hague, NFPA; Wayne Martin, Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board of Southern California

T39 Protecting Buildings and Responders from Acts of Terrorism Scott Somers, Phoenix Fire Dept.

T41 New Inspection Requirements for Fire Doors Keith E. Pardoe, Door and Hardware Institute; Jeff Turcotte, Intertek ETL SEMKO

T42 Panel Discussion on High-Rise Fire Protection Systems and the First Responders Stephen DiGiovanni and Alan Osborne, Clark County Fire Department; Kenneth Miller and Bertral Washington, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

T43 Building and Equipping a Fire Command Center Tracy Buchman, UW Hospital & Clinics; Scott Strassburg, Madison Fire Dept.

T44 Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems Tom Parrish, Telgian

T47 Performance of Structural Steel Connections Under Fire Exposure: a New Perspective Kevin LaMalva, Simpson Gumpertz and Heger

T48 Case Study: Smoke Control System Reliability…Will Your System Really Work as it Should?

Robert Davidson, Davidson Code Concepts LLC; Sal DiCristina, Rutgers University; John Kampmeyer, Triad Fire Protection Engineering

T53 Explosion Venting Empirical Correlations and Model Validation

Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation; Robert Zalosh, FIREXPLO

T54 The New Edition of NFPA 720 Shane Clary, Bay Alarm Company; Thomas Norton, Norel Sevice Co.

1 PM -5 PM

T55 NFPA Standards Forum

Maureen Brodoff, NFPA; Leona Nisbet, NFPA; Milosh Puchovsky, NFPA

2.45 PM -3.45 PM

T57 Case Study: The Role of the AHJ -44Improving the Credibility and Reliability

of Installed Fire Alarm Systems May 2008

Wayne D. Moore, Hughes Associates; Robert J. Powers, East Providence Fire Department

T59 Fire Test: Large-Scale Fire Test Performance Evaluation of Control-Mode Density-Area (CMDA) and Control-Mode Specific Application (CMSA) Sprinklers Weston C. Baker, Jr. a
nd Bennie G. Vincent, FM Global

T61 Case Study: The MGM Grand Fire Jim Arnold, Clark County Nevada Building Division

T62 Wireless In-Building Fire

Communications: Technology and Codes Jack Daniel, Jack Daniel Company

T63 OSHA Emergency Action Plans R. C. Schroll, FIRECON

T65 Fire Test: Commodity Classification Tests of Representative Fuels

T68 Tunnel Safety -Road and Rail Gary English, Seattle Fire Dept.

T69 Portable Fire Extinguisher Requirements for Properly Addressing Class B Flammable Liquid Hazards

J. R. Nerat, Badger/Kidde Fire Protection

T71 Research and Other Responses to the Growing Crisis in Egress Performance Prediction Jake Pauls, Jake Pauls Consultant Service

4.15 PM -5.15 PM

T74 Evaluation of Overspray Protective Coverings for Fire Sprinklers

Russell Fleming, National Fire Sprinkler Association

T75 Case Study: Installation of Fire Sprinklers in a 1924 California Bungalow David Matuszak, Santa Clara County Regional Occupational Program

T76 Security and Life Safety

Dale A. Simmons, Cleveland State University

T79 Validation Studies of the FDS Smoke Detection Prediction Methodology Frederick W. Mowrer, University of Maryland

T80 Fire Prevention by Breathable Oxygen-Reduced Air

William Costello and Gary Kotliar, FirePASS

T82 Case Study: Preparing for Self Sufficiency -The Development of a Corporate Disaster Response Team Christina Francis, Procter & Gamble

T84 Case Study: Avoiding Fire on the Roof -State of the Art Strategies for Protecting Rooftop Helicopter Facilities Steve Dryden, Poole Fire Protection;

Raymond Syms, Raymond A. Syms & Associates

T85 Case Study: Adding Fire Fighting Foam Capability to Automatic Sprinkler Systems Without Installing Fixed Foam Concentrate Tanks James Haiser and Timothy Topolinski, Dow Corning

T86 Fire Test: Is the Code Right? New Warehouse Fire Test Experience James Golinveaux and David LeBlanc, Tyco Fire Products


8 AM -9.30 AM

W01 Elevators for Occupant Evacuation and Firefighter Operations

Ron Cote, NFPA; Matt Martin, Schindler Elevator; David McColl, Otis Canada

W02 Case Study: Using NFPA’s Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities

Allan B. Fraser, NFPA

W06 Investigation and Implementation of a Chemical Fume Hood Fire Suppression System

Richard Anderson, Anderson Risk Consultants; Gregory Jakubowski, Merck & Co.

W08 Fire Test: AFFF Sprinkler Protection of Plastic Containers -a Comparison with Water

Bennie G. Vincent and Robert D. Spaulding, FM Global

8 AM -9.30 AM

W10 Fire Protection Engineers and the Regulatory Process

David Boverman, New South Wales Fire Brigade; Kenneth Bush, Maryland State Fire Marshal Office; Jeff Collins, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue; William Koffel, Koffel Associates; Joe McElvaney, City of Phoenix Fire Department; Azarang Mirkhah, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

W12 Fire Test: Evaluating ESFR Obstructions with UL’s ADD Apparatus -Preliminary Results

John Frank and Paul Hart, Swiss RE GAP Services

W14 Essentials of Hazardous Chemical Classification

Guy Colonna and Amy Spencer, NFPA

W15 Electrical Preventive Maintenance: Utilizing Infrared Thermographic Evaluations to Assess a Building’s Electrical System

Carl Morello, Sequoia Insurance Co.

10 AM -11.30 AM

W20 Smoke Control Systems on the Las Vegas Strip

Jim Arnold, Clark County Nevada Building Division

W21 Sprinkler Actuation with Low-Speed High-Volume Fans

Peter J. Willse, Swiss RE Global Asset Protection Services; Martin J. Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories

W23 What Is Next for NFPA 731?

Shane Clary, Bay Alarm Company

*W25 Health Care Occupancy Changes to the 2009 NFPA 101, Life Safety Code

Mike Crowley, Rolf Jensen & Associates

W27 Recommendations of the U. S. Chemical Safety Board

William Wright, US Chemical Safety Board

*W28 Things You Will Want to Know About the 2010 NFPA 72

Art Black, Carmel Fire Protection Associates; Ray Grill, ARUP

W29 Understanding Portable Extinguisher Installation and Service Requirements

Mark Conroy, Brooks Equipment Company; J. R. Nerat, Badger Fire Protection

W30 Clearance Distances for Gas Appliance Side Wall Venting

Darrell Paul, Battelle Memorial Institute

W34 Monte Carlo Fire — Challenges and Lessons Learned

Robert Duval and Gary Keith, NFPA

* Spotlight Sessions




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