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ASHRAE issues guide for cold climate buildings

October 20, 2015

Buildings in arctic and subarctic climates face not only challenges related to cold but also remoteness, limited utilities, permafrost and extreme temperature shifts. To help designers with these challenges, ASHRAE has recently published the “Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide.”

The guide evolved from a working session at the 7th International Cold-Climate Design Conference held in 2012. It is co-sponsored by ASHRAE, SCANVAC and REHVA.

Building design challenges in cold climates include temperature, frozen precipitation, wind, humidity, thermal comfort, thermal envelope/enclosure, maintainability, permafrost and frozen ground and remote building locations.

The guide includes HVAC calculations and system design, sustainability, controls, building design, and commissioning, all from a distinctive climatic perspective. The book also includes an appendix with seven case studies of buildings located in cold and extreme cold climates.


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