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Rheem’s Greater Degree Of Good – Working towards a sustainable future.

For nearly 100 years, Rheem has been a leader in heating, cooling and water heating innovation. With an eye to the future in a world in which bold action on sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial, raising the bar for environmental stewardship is a top priority for Rheem.

In 2019, Rheem launched their sustainability program, with a focus on making a difference. This program has grown and expanded globally, but one thing has remained unchanged since its inception; the commitment to delivering  “A Greater Degree of Good”. This greater degree of good is built on three key pillars, each with its corresponding Rheem 2025 goal.

Degrees of Innovation 2025 Goal: Launch a line of heating, cooling and water heating products that boast a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas footprint.

Degrees of Efficiency: Reduce greenhouse has emissions by 50% and achieve zero waste to landfill in our global manufacturing operations.

Degrees of Leadership: Train 250,000 plumbers, contractors and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practices. We achieved this goal early in 2023, and are on track for nearly half a million people trained by our 100th anniversary in 2025.

From a product perspective, Heat Pumps in particular are an environmentally friendly technology with outstanding growth potential, and Rheem has continued to make meaningful investments in this space both for air and water. Rheem’s Sustainability Standout seal, a signature designation highlighting products that meet a stringent set of the company’s internally defined sustainability standards, helps customers to find the best-of-the-best products for sustainability. Some of the featured standouts are the Rheem Endeavor line of Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, developed and launched in 2023 to meet the latest changes in Canadian Energy Regulations. Product highlights on the water side of the business are the best-in-class Rheem ProTerra Heat Pump Water Heater, Ikonic Condensing Tankless Water Heater and the Rheem Maximus Super High Efficiency Condensing Gas Water Heater. The launch of these air and water products has boldly raised the standard for sustainability in HVAC and Water Heating.