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KSB Vertical Turbine Pumps: Versatile Workhorses

January 7, 2014
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Mississauga, Ontario, December 2013.  KSB offers a wide selection of vertical turbine pumps including the large capacity SEZ series of turbine casing pumps. Vertical turbine pumps, also known as borehole or well pumps, typically are cylindrical in shape, with their intake nozzle and impellers located at the lower end of a long tubular casing with a discharge nozzle located near the top. They are easy to install in a crowded plant or a deep well because of their simple, compact shape. This type of pump has been used in a very wide variety of applications, from industrial water treatment plants and power plants to irrigation systems and mine dewatering.

The SEZ tubular casing pumps are KSB’s largest vertical turbine pumps. These hard-working giants are used in power plant condenser systems and large-scale desalination facilities where the requirement is to lift very large volumes of water (up to 18 m3/sec or 285,300 gpm) moderate distances.  At the other extreme are the compact and efficient UPA and UPZ models, which are available in diameters as small as 50 mm (2”). UP-series pumps feature submersible motors mounted beneath the impeller assembly. They normally are mounted on the end of a pipe connected directly to their discharge nozzle so they can be lowered easily into a narrow borehole or well. UP-series pumps are used to extract water from deep wells and to dewater mines and other underground facilities. Medium capacity requirements are served by the versatile Wellstar family, pumps used for irrigation systems and other water extraction duties. For these pumps (and the SEZ series) the motor is mounted above the rest of the assembly.


About KSB


KSB Pumps Inc., based in Mississauga, ON, is a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. KSB’s history dates back to 1871 in Germany, where the company’s global HQ is still located. In 2012, KSB generated a total turnover of € 2.268 billion (approx. CAN$ 3.02 billion) with a global workforce of 16,200 employees. KSB’s giant product portfolio consists of more than 3,000 different off-the-shelf pumps and valves – and thousands of engineered and customized solutions. KSB Canada has specialized in providing reliable pump solutions for the most challenging applications in industrial and utility power plants, environmental (water and wastewater) facilities and industrial processes.



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