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Air-cooled chiller meets 2024 low-GWP requirements

January 12, 2023

AquaSnap RC30

Photo courtesy Carrier.

Carrier has designed its newest air-cooled chiller, the AquaSnap 30RC, to meet pending 2024 low global warming potential (GWP) requirements for refrigerants.

The compact, air-cooled scroll chiller uses GWP R-32 refrigerant and is suitable for applications ranging from 60 to 150 tons, including office buildings, schools, data centres, hotels and hospitals. It features variable frequency drives (VFDs) for its fan motors and product integrated controller 6 (PIC6) functionality to help optimize its performance.

“It allows customers to reduce energy costs, be compliant with the latest regulations and have access to different coil and evaporator configurations, all in a small footprint,” says Meredith Emmerich, Carrier’s North American commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) vice-president (VP). “These benefits align with sustainability goals, energy needs, cost pressures, changing business requirements, comfort needs and health concerns.”


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