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NewsCompanies & People Transportation
July 26, 2022  

Avia NG announces incoming CEO

NewsEngineering Environmental
July 22, 2022  

Dillon partner to lead Geoscientists Canada

NewsCompanies & People
July 22, 2022  

Morrison Hershfield moves St. John’s office

NewsTransportation Water & Wastewater
July 22, 2022  

Tatham Engineering to rebuild road for Town of The Blue Mountains

NewsBuildings Cleantech Canada News
July 21, 2022  

CGSB approves funding to update Canadian glass standards

NewsCleantech Canada News Water & Wastewater
July 21, 2022  

AECOM wins contract for Bradford WPCP biosolids upgrade project

NewsCleantech Canada News Transportation
July 21, 2022  

Hatch signs on to help design and build Calgary-Edmonton hyperloop

NewsCompanies & People Environmental
July 19, 2022  

Englobe opens inspection and testing lab in Ottawa

NewsBuildings Companies & People
July 18, 2022  

Arcadis acquires IBI Group

NewsCompanies & People Energy Environmental Water & Wastewater
July 18, 2022  

Tetra Tech acquires TIGA

NewsCleantech Canada Companies & People Environmental News
July 15, 2022  

WSP to analyze farmland and timberland for GHG intensity and carbon sink potential

July 14, 2022  

Morrison Hershfield helps implement new rail maintenance technology in B.C.

NewsBuildings Companies & People News Women in Construction
July 14, 2022  

Aercoustics Engineering hires VP of architectural acoustics

NewsBuildings Cleantech Canada News
July 12, 2022  

CaGBC updates zero-carbon building design standard

NewsBuildings Cleantech Canada Engineering News
July 12, 2022  

ASHRAE commits to broad building decarbonization

NewsCleantech Canada Companies & People Energy Engineering Environmental Industrial News
July 12, 2022  

Hatch partners with Next Canada to support AI entrepreneurs

NewsCompanies & People Engineering
July 12, 2022  

KGS Group promotes principals

NewsWater & Wastewater
July 11, 2022  

Stantec selected for Metro Vancouver’s Iona Island wastewater treatment plant projects

NewsCompanies & People News Transportation Women in Construction
July 5, 2022  

Strategic consultant joins HDR for major transportation infrastructure projects

NewsCleantech Canada Energy News
July 4, 2022  

GHD forms CCUS team to support Alberta Carbon Grid

NewsCleantech Canada Companies & People Energy News
June 28, 2022  

JLR appoints chief energy systems engineer

NewsBuildings Companies & People
June 24, 2022  

AECOM appoints digital lead for Canadian buildings and places

NewsBuildings Cleantech Canada News
June 22, 2022  

June 26 is World Refrigeration Day

NewsCompanies & People Energy
June 21, 2022  

WaterPower Canada appoints new president and CEO

NewsBuildings Cleantech Canada Companies & People News
June 21, 2022  

Ottawa housing complex to recover thermal energy from wastewater

NewsCompanies & People Engineering
June 21, 2022  

ACEC-SK introduces 2022-2023 board of directors

NewsCleantech Canada Companies & People News
June 16, 2022  

CIMA+ appoints VP of environment

NewsEngineering News Women in Construction
June 16, 2022  

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day