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Products (January 01, 2011)

January 1, 2011
By Canadian Consulting Engineer



DraftLogic Electrical Software was developed by engineers in Edmonton. Launched last year, it automates repetitive tasks and can help generate a broad spectrum of schedules, including a bill of materials report. It includes a complete CAD standard, 1300 luminaire definitions and hundreds of room definitions.


provides Enterprise Resource Planning systems for project-based businesses. The tools are for managing a diverse range of functions, including project management, human resources and internal billing and accounting systems.

The Eurocom

high-performance notebook PCs allow engineers to change designs in the field, having the capacity to run engineering CAD, CAE, CAM and GIS software. The Mobile Server and Mobile Workstation notebooks support Intel Xeon X5690 Processors.

myProjects by Sansys of London, Ontario is an internet based application requiring just a Java enabled web browser. It is used to track and process all capital project transactions in real time. Its capabilities include messages, meeting minutes, field reports and deficiencies, a drawing and specifications archive, shop drawings, pay applications and complete budget tracking.


The U.S. Patent Office has granted Nu Flow a patent for its Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner that can line around multiple 90 degree bends. Nu Flow trenchless technologies rehabilitate inside pipes for water and sewer infrastructure, as well as HVAC and building systems.


has a new flat surface, self-cleaning pH/ORP (REDOX) sensor. The S8000 pH/ORP Platform is a modular system for water and wastewater applications.

The AQUUS PW System by CST Industries is a modular water treatment system that produces potable water using slow sand filtration and a proprietary pre-filter. Ideal for remote locations, it has no moving parts, no harmful chemicals. and requires no energy.


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