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Magazine Has New Editorial Advisory Panel

December 1, 1999
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

The vitality of any magazine depends on there being a two-way conversation between the people who produce it and the audience it hopes to please. In order to strengthen that relationship Canadian Cons...

The vitality of any magazine depends on there being a two-way conversation between the people who produce it and the audience it hopes to please. In order to strengthen that relationship Canadian Consulting Engineer has appointed an informal editorial advisory panel of consulting engineers. We continue to enjoy the advice and support of longtime contributing editors, Rosalind Cairncross, P.Eng. and Jeffrey Plant, P.Eng.

The individuals featured on these pages have kindly agreed to serve on the panel for an initial period of about two years. From time to time they will meet either in person or in conference calls with the managing editor to suggest articles and topics to be covered, and to review the general editorial quality and content.

While the panel’s input will be invaluable, we still welcome comments, suggestions and story proposals from all our readers and encourage you to write to the managing editor or e-mail to:

Andrew Bergmann, P.Eng.

Andrew Bergmann is president of the firm Yolles Group of Toronto. A graduate in 1979 of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo, he started work as a design and project engineer with August Apon Associates. While with that firm he opened a new branch office in Edmonton primarily for the design of precast elements.

Andrew joined Yolles Partnership in April 1981 as a design engineer. In 1992 he and other employees bought the firm, renamed Yolles Group, and he became president. It has 130 employees and projects worldwide. Among the projects Andrew has been involved in are the Air Canada Centre (winner of a 1999 Canadian Consulting Engineering award), the Art Gallery of Ontario Expansion in Toronto, Canary Wharf’s new tower under construction in London, U.K., and the West Bay Complex in Doha, Qatar.

He was on the board of directors of Consulting Engineers of Ontario 1996-1997.

Bruce Bodden, P.Eng.

Bruce Bodden is executive vice president of operations with Marshall Macklin Monaghan Consulting Engineers of Toronto, a firm of 410 employees. He has been with the firm for 30 years, ever since he graduated in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1969.

Bruce specializes in municipal infrastructure and development planning. Among his current projects he is working on Toronto’s Bid for the 2008 Olympics, planning and engineering for the Canadian Forces Base in Downsview, an environmentally innovative residential project in Aurora, and a large diameter water supply mains for Metropolitan Toronto.

His early experience abroad was as resident project engineer for the master plan and design of storm drainage and flood protection systems for the City of Riyadh and Holy City of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Bruce has acted as an expert witness, and has taught at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and Centennial College. He is on the Professional Practice Committee for Professional Engineers of Ontario, and is past chair of Consulting Engineers of Ontario (1998-99).

Gunnar Heissler, P.Eng.

President of the ECE Group in Toronto, a firm specializing in energy management and building services, Gunnar Heissler has been with the firm since 1977. (A former president of ECE, Jack Chisvin, P.Eng., was editor of the magazine between 1978 and 1991.)

Since he graduated in 1966 from the University of Waterloo, Gunnar’s career has included work in Montreal for the Dominion Bridge Company, with Watts & Henderson in Toronto, and as chief engineer of PPA Consultants Limited in England. At ECE his long list of projects include the Luxor Hotel and Casino Complex in Las Vegas, the National Archives of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec, King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, and Bankers Hall in Calgary. He is the author of several papers and winner of a Canadian Consulting Engineering award in 1990 and an ASHRAE Energy Award in 1983-84.

John C.W. Ritchie, P.Eng.

John Ritchie graduated with a civil engineering degree from the University of British Columbia in 1969, and two year’s later obtained a Master’s degree in water resource engineering from the same university. Shortly afterwards, in 1974, John joined Acres International and was initially with their Niagara Falls Office, undertaking international assignments in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal. He is now a vice-president in the company, regional manager of its Vancouver office, and a director of the Board.

John served as president of Consulting Engineers of British Columbia in 1995-96, and he has been on the Board of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada for two years.

Stephen Quigley, P.Eng.

Stephen Quigley is a vice-president and principal of Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, an international environmental consulting firm with headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. A graduate in 1984 in chemical engineering from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, he joined the firm in 1989. His work is divided between the U.S. and Canada, focusing on the investigation and clean-up of hazardous waste sites, due diligence investigations, environmental management systems and regulatory compliance. He managed the consulting engineering work at the Uniroyal Chemical site in Elmira, Ontario (winner of a 1999 Canadian Consulting Engineering award) and has managed several large sites in the U.S.

Jean-Pierre Roy, ing.

Jean-Pierre Roy is vice-president of the Montreal region of Groupe HBA Experts-Conseils, a company of 275 employees which provides services in all sectors of consulting engineering and has its headquarters in Drummondvlle, Quebec.

Jean-Pierre graduated in mechanical engineering in 1972 from the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and commenced his career as a design engineer with Claude Liboiron and Associates, a small consulting firm specializing in mechanical and electrical building services. He became an associate of that firm in 1974. Twenty-two years later that firm fused with Groupe HBA Experts-Conseils where he took up his new position.

Met Ulker P.Eng.

An electrical engineer, Met Ulker is a partner and a vice president of Reid Crowther, an international consulting engineering company. He specializes in high-tech plant and office, transportation and industrial projects.

A graduate of Middle East Technical University, Met immigrated to Canada in 1981 after working as a systems analyst for two years in Turkey. Upon qualifying for professional engineer status in Alberta, he relocated to Vancouver to work at Reid Crowther. Met’s interests include green design, photovoltaics and intelligent buildings. His projects include the Chan Performing Arts Centre at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver’s Skytrain stations, Ballard power plants, QLT Bio medical laboratories, and BC Gas coastal facilities.

Contributing Editors

Rosalind Cairncross, P.Eng.

Rosalind Cairncross has been associated with Canadian Consulting Engineer since 1988 and has been one of its most regular and prolific contributors. She emphasizes the human aspects of engineering and often writes on environmental or historic themes.

A chemical engineer, Rosalind is also a graduate of the Masters program in environmental studies at York University. She manages a small scientific instrumentation business, and previously has worked in the chemical industry, in the environmental field with government and community organizations, and with development projects in Kenya, Cuba and South Africa.

Jeffrey Plant, P.Eng.

Jeffrey Plant has been advising the editors of this magazine since 1984 and writes regularly, mostly on CAD and transportation issues.

Jeffrey has over 20 years of project management experience, much of it in transportation, environmental and building projects. Most recently he was with the Toronto consulting engineering firm of DS-Lea Associates but in 1999 began his own company, Plant Technologies and Contracting. A graduate of the University of Waterloo in civil engineering in 1978, Jeffrey also obtained an M.B.A. from the University of Toronto in 1987. His experience abroad includes bein
g project manager on a $100 million wastewater treatment plant in Venezuela.


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