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Edmonton library receives additional government funding

The total cost of the Stanley A. Milner Library renovation is $84.5 million.

May 21, 2018  CCE

The federal and Alberta governments have announced joint funding of $4 million for the revitalization of the Stanley A. Milner Library in downtown Edmonton.

The work being funded is part of the overall library project currently under way and includes structural, mechanical and electrical upgrades, the addition of community meeting rooms, event space, and improvements to make accessing the library easier.

The total cost of the project is $84.5 million. The Government of Canada is providing $2 million through the New Building Canada Fund–National and Regional Projects.


The Government of Alberta is contributing $2 million from a one-time provincial Municipal Affairs grant, and an additional $16.4 million through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

  • Architect: Teeple Architects/Stantec (formerly Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert)
  • Structural engineer: Fast + Epp
  • Mechanical engineer: Arrow Engineering (Edmonton)

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1 Comment » for Edmonton library receives additional government funding
  1. Sharon says:

    I just have to say .. you guys are crazy .. 84.5 million dollars for renovations for a new library .. you could have torn the old one down and built brand new … I would like to know the break down of the cost of this library … this is totally ridiculous .. more than doubled the quote they received… do you actually think we need a library that costs this amount of money .. when this could have gone to build small homes for the homeless … want to do something big .. then do something big and help these guys out .. or housing for our vets … what is wrong with you people … how can you justify this .. .if this was coming out of your own pockets say 10% of the cost .. you would NOT be rushing in and signing for renovations … RENOVATIONS no less … I think it is time for some new city councilors that want to hang on to the money and fix things that need fixing … fix the roads that is in need of repair and not just in the downtown area or where the mayor lives …. out of 900,000 people .. how many Edmontians are active at this library … and stop spending money on things we dont need .. like those big shinny balls .. and the walk way down to the river .. and definitely not the latest idea of a gondola ….. fix what we have that is already BROKEN …. .thanks for your time ..

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