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Victaulic launches economical joining system for small diameter carbon steel pipe

September 21, 2018

QuickVic SD Installation-Ready solution enables material savings and efficiency gains to boost commercial and industrial HVAC project economics.


Victaulic QuickVic SD solutions

Victaulic has launched its QuickVic SD Installation-Ready System, a plain end pipe joining technology designed for use on carbon steel HVAC systems sized 2”/DN50 and down.

The System is the most economical and efficient pipe joining solution for small diameter commercial and industrial HVAC applications. The product line offers a total installed cost savings when compared to current pipe materials and installation methods used, including copper press or sweat and carbon steel press or thread.

Copper tubing is often the pipe material of choice for small diameter HVAC systems, but it presents unique challenges for contractors grappling with higher prices and jobsite theft. With the QuickVic SD System, Victaulic customers can more confidently make their transition to carbon steel pipe, and as a result, reduce material costs, simplify project management, and reduce financial risk.

The couplings and fittings are easily installed with common hand tools and feature no loose parts that can be dropped or lost. In a maintenance or retrofit situation, the joints can be disassembled and reinstalled as needed, without having to cut out and remove excess piping. The system also provides multiple visual inspection features, including bolt pad-to-bolt pad verification, a retainer inspection window, and knurled insertion depth markings on the pipe, to help ensure correct assembly throughout the installation process.

The line includes Installation-Ready couplings, fittings and valves, and the PC3110 Cut & Mark Tool. Available in sizes ½” to 2”/DN15 to DN50, the products can be used on Schedules 10 through 80 carbon steel pipe, with a maximum working pressure of 300 psi/2068 kPa/21 bar and up to 250°F/120°C (with the EPDM gasket).


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