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TOA Canada releases new Integrated Audio Collaboration System

April 23, 2018

The AM-CF1 is an audio system for conference rooms incorporating proprietary array microphone technology, digital signal processing and two-way active speakers.


TOA Canada’s AM-CF1 integrated audio collaboration system

TOA Canada Corp. has released its AM-CF1, a professional steerable microphone array with integrated stereo soundbar, a new audio system for conference rooms which incorporates digital signal processing and 2-way active speakers.

TOA‘s proprietary real-time steering array microphone technology offers the clarity clients desire to complement the latest in video conferencing systems.

With an emphasis on creating an environment of natural conversation, the high quality loud speakers and array microphone collects sound ideally by detecting and tracking voice in real-time which will make team collaboration more productive and presentations more attractive.

Along with its advanced voice tracking capabilities and speaker clarity, the AM-CF1 also includes a USB port for a PC-based web conference and for USB-connectable camera.

audioThe built-in DSP function such as Automatic Echo Cancellation and Automatic Noise Reduction contributes to sound quality and the integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows attendees on the public phone line.

The Audio Collaboration System is compatible for PoE plus and power supply and the LED lights illustrate that your voice is being collected and delivered to everyone.

“The AM-CF1 has been in the works for some time,” says TOA Canada’s Director and General Manger Rico Lucia in a media release. “Our customers have been aware of the impending release and want to finally see it live; we’re happy that we can now provide them that opportunity, I know they won’t be disappointed.”


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