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Rainbow Lake pilot-tests geothermal energy system

January 2, 2024

Rainbow Lake

Photo courtesy Town of Rainbow Lake.

E2E Energy Solutions has partnered with Rainbow Lake, Alta., for a pilot project that will reportedly make the town the first in Canada to be powered entirely by renewable geothermal energy.

The project will rely on E2E’s patent-pending enhanced geothermal reservoir recovery system (EGRRS) to upgrade the temperature of saline aquifers until they are commercially viable for a large-scale geothermal development where conventional methods would not work.

The pilot test is the first of three phases, to be followed by the construction of a surface geothermal facility and, finally, the design and installation of community infrastructure. The goal is for the town to be fully powered and heated by geothermal energy by 2028.

“Rainbow Lake has been researching the vast geothermal potential of our northwest corner of Alberta for six years now,” explains the town’s mayor, Michelle Farris. “We are happy to have found E2E to help bring these past years of study into a tangible future.”

The plant is also expected to bring significant benefits to the DeneTha’ First Nation, which has expressed support.

“The Rainbow Lake geothermal project will provide new opportunities and economic benefits for the DeneTha’ and the region as a whole,” says lands department director Fred Didzena. “It will greatly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to a net-zero, sustainable future.”


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