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The New Eccentrics

OCAD FLYING RECTANGLE -- The structure is a rigid box consisting of two deep trusses spanning both transverse and longitudinally. At the floor and roof levels of the tabletop, horizontal bracing creates diaphrams.The tabletop is supported by a combination of six pairs of sloping steel columns and a concrete core. The columns, because of their slopes, are capable of resisting both gravity and lateral loads but are most effective in resisting lateral loads in the transverse direction. The core structure resists almost all the lateral loads in the longitudinal direction.For each pair of tabletop columns, the foundation system consists of three large diameter caissons bearing on bedrock 18 metres below grade configured in a triangular pattern and interconnected at grade level to form a three dimensional frame. The entire structural system including caissons, concrete core, steel columns and tabletop structure was modelled using the STAAD finite element computer program.