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ACEC Officially Kicks Off Its “Engineering Legacies” Campaign!

October 1, 2009
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

ACEC is proud to announce the official kick-off of its much anticipated video campaign entitled Engineering Legacies!

ACEC is proud to announce the official kick-off of its much anticipated video campaign entitled Engineering Legacies!

The Task Force has worked very hard over the last month to finish the French portion of the video website, which can now be viewed at With the help of ACEC’s Member Organization, L’association des ingnieurs-conseils du Quebec, ACEC was able to successfully capture some most impressive projects in the province of Quebec, and in Algeria. A French highlight reel was also completed as a teaser for the entire series. Promotional material is also now available in both official languages and will be used extensively to promote the project over the coming months.

Also new on both sites are links to three major social networking sites: Facebook, YouTube and Twit- ter, where ACEC has established a presence for students to participate in forums, network with fellow engineering students and ask questions pertaining to our industry.

The Engineering Legacies campaign began touring the country this September when it stopped in New Brunswick to speak to first year engineering students.

“This was the first video I’ve seen coming out of high school that gave me a real visual about engineering and more importantly what consulting engineering is all about,” said Sean Carson, a first-year engineering student at the University of New Brunswick.

The tour will continue through the Atlantic provinces this fall with stops in St. John’s, Newfoundland at Memorial University and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. ACEC Member Organizations from Central and Western Canada will also be participating in a variety of university events this fall, namely career fairs and information sessions.

By means of the Engineering Legacies campaign, ACEC hopes to reach and inform every engineering student in Canada about the amazing opportunities our industry has to offer for young people and to make it their number one career choice right out of university.

Once again, ACEC would like to thank its valued sponsors for their generous support and belief in this project. Sponsors can be viewed at under “Sponsors.”

For more information about the Engineering Legacies campaign, please contact Susie Grynol, Director of Public Affairs and Business Practices at or 1-800- 565-0569.


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