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Green buildings will be showcased in Tokyo

August 17, 2004
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

A reminder that the Sustainable Buildings 05 Canadian Team is inviting firms to submit green building projects for...

A reminder that the Sustainable Buildings 05 Canadian Team is inviting firms to submit green building projects for the next International Green Buildings Challenge.
The Fourth International Green Building Challenge, “GBC 2005,” is to be held in Tokyo between September 27-29.
The Green Buildings Challenge is not a competition. Rather buildings are assessed for their green building qualities, and the assessment is the focus of the conference. It is an international cooperative event intended to develop new tools for assessing building performance and to highlight innovative new environmental building design practices and technologies.
Canada has been a driving force in the Green Buildings Challenge since its inception. The 1998 event was hosted by Vancouver. The last conference, held in Oslo in 2002, had over 1,000 participants, including researchers, engineers, architects, government officials, contractors, etc. from around the world. Over 24 countries submitted the detailed assessment of over 25 green buildings, not counting dozens of poster projects.
The Sustainable Buildings 05 Canadian team of volunteer has the task of selecting the projects that will be the Canadian representative projects at the event. The call for entries is the first stage. Subsequent stages include an in-depth environmental performance of the two or four projects that are selected. The evaluations will be the focus of the conference.
Projects submitted for consideration must be built, under construction or at 100% completion of working drawings by October 31, 2004. They must have completed energy simulations using either EEE4 or other DOE2-based programs. Projects that have been certified under LEED or Green Globes will be viewed favourably.
For more information, and to see the submission format requirements, contact Gordon Shymko, Chair of the SB05 Canadian Team Building Solicitation Committee at Tel. 403-254-4776.
Also, see www., and link GBC/SB 05.


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