Canadian Consulting Engineer

On Apr. 11, 2024, Canadian Consulting Engineer will host a virtual event focusing on a key topic in Canada’s energy transition: the need to decarbonize remote communities.

Through a combination of tax credits, infrastructure funding and carbon pricing, the federal government is incentivizing communities across the country to switch from traditional hydrocarbons to emissions-free and/or renewable energy sources, such as solar, nuclear and biomass. This move, which can help wean residential, commercial and industrial facilities off of increasingly costly diesel and natural gas, also promises to help meet goals relating to First Nations prosperity, equity and business development.

Canadian Consulting Engineer is gathering a lineup of industry experts to speak to the scale of such opportunities, the progress made so far and the current reality on the ground. In addition to our established audience of consulting engineers, this event will be of keen interest to municipal and provincial government leaders, technology suppliers and others who will be directly involved in these new opportunities.

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