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World’s largest 3-D printed building completed 

June 20, 2023

It's nearly 50% larger than the previous record-holder.

Largest 3-D printed building

Photo courtesy Cobod.

Printed Farms has reportedly completed the world’s largest three-dimensional (3-D) printed building—an equestrian facility in Wellington, Florida—using Cobod’s Bod2 construction 3-D printer. Spanning more than 10,100 sf, the structure is nearly 50% larger than the previous record-holder in the Middle East.

At 13 ft tall, 155 ft long and 83 ft wide, the barn was designed with a focus on structural integrity, so as to endure extreme weather challenges in a region prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, and on natural cooling, with the walls creating a cavity and air gap. The company previously completed Florida’s first permitted 3-D printed house in Tallahassee.

“We are especially proud to observe our printers being used for a broad range of applications besides housing, the industry’s predominant use case,” says Phillip Lund-Nieslen, Cobod’s co-founder and lead for the Americas. “Our machines are also used to print turbine bases, schools, office buildings, data centres, silos—and now horse barns.”

In other records, the tallest 3-D printed building, at 33 ft, is in Saudi Arabia, while the fastest-produced project, which raised three buildings in eight days, is in Oman.

Largest 3-D printed building - overhead

Image courtesy Cobod.


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