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Winnipeggers invited to help design replacement for Arlington Bridge

August 31, 2017

The campaign is intended to help build awareness of decisions made following a previous round of public engagement.


(source: City of Winnipeg)

Winnipeg residents have been invited to contribute ideas regarding the replacement of aging Arlington Bridge.

Officially opened on February 5, 1912, the bridge was built to connect two neighbourhoods separated by the CP Rail Yards.

“The Arlington Bridge is a Winnipeg landmark, but it’s over 100 years old and needs to be replaced,” said Mike Pagtakhan, city councillor for Point Douglas in a news release. “The City of Winnipeg is designing a new bridge, and input from local residents and businesses is a vital part of the process.”

The functional design required to choose a location for the crossing was completed in 2016, the study also defined functional items including number of lanes, accommodation of cyclists and pedestrians, etc.


rendering of potential design for new bridge (source: City of Winnipeg)

The preliminary design which is currently underway, led by Stantec, seeks to build on the work done in the functional design. A preliminary design is required to identify and address all major issues, determine the scope of work, and produce more accurate cost estimates so the project can proceed to detailed design and construction.

The public is being asked to provide input on questions such as how best to utilize surplus land near the bridge, how bridge design could improve connectivity within neighbourhoods north and south of the bridge, and what type of public art and design features would be most appropriate on the new bridge given the current structure’s 100-year history.


The campaign is also intended to help build awareness of decisions made following a previous round of public engagement:

  •  The new bridge will be less steep and will include protected paths and wider sidewalks for easier walking and cycling.
  • A new bridge will be able to accommodate Winnipeg Transit buses, providing more direct routes and faster commutes.
  • Better emergency response times – Emergency vehicles are unable to use the current bridge. A new bridge for Arlington will mean direct access for fire and paramedic services.
  • Better traffic flow – An additional traffic lane will make crossing a new bridge faster and more convenient.


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