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Reliable Controls and the Art of Building Sustainability

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning consume about 50 percent of the energy used in buildings worldwide. Improving the efficiency of these systems is crucial to decarbonizing the built environment across Canada and beyond.

In all its products and services, Reliable Controls is guided by nine elements of building sustainability that help customers create true building efficiency—now and into the future.

  • Certified open standards: All controllers Reliable Controls manufactures are certified by a third-party testing lab to meet a high level of quality and open-protocol conformance.
  • Secure data: Reliable Controls products support a single sign-on architecture and secure communication through an encrypted network to provide a comprehensive approach to security—no matter how many BACnet devices are deployed in a building automation system.
  • Integrated fault detection and diagnostics: Reliable Controls integrates real-time fault detection and diagnostics capabilities into its products, empowering building operators to diagnose and resolve issues as they happen—so their facilities run smoothly and efficiently, reducing unexpected downtime and extending the life of their equipment.
  • Ownership of analytics: Reliable Controls products allow stakeholders full control over data gathering, report formatting, and delivery without the burden of restricted licensing or copyright requirements—so they can quickly turn information into action.
  • Mobile-centric experience: With technology from Reliable Controls, building occupants can use their smart devices to take control of their environment in a holistic, mobile experience.
  • Minimal waste: Reliable Controls understands that carefully engineered designs and meticulous component selection result in devices that endure for the long term, and its comprehensive repair and responsible disposal services minimize waste and extend customers’ return on investment.
  • Backward compatible: When Reliable Controls develops new products and improves existing ones, customers can be confident in a smooth transition to new technologies—without the need for third-party gateways or expensive hardware replacement.
  • Training and support: Reliable Controls delivers comprehensive technical services and expertise in building automation. Whether users are new to the industry or skilled professionals, Reliable Controls has the resources to help them achieve their goals.
  • Factory-certified service: Reliable Controls technology is supported by a global network of knowledgeable, factory-certified service partners who invest in their people and understand their customers’ expectations.



Reliable Controls helps its customers create a truly sustainable building that reduces emissions, improves health, and drives efficiency for the long term. Interested in working together? Find an Authorized Dealer near you today: