Canadian Consulting Engineer

Virtual Event
ADVANCE: Women in Engineering 2024
June 20, 2024 at 11:30am ET

12:05 pm – 1:05 pm
Panel Discussion #1: Enhancing Educational Opportunities

Moderator: Erika Ryter

Panelists: Karen Callery, Ilana Danzig, Marcia Friesen

Education is a lifelong process. Along the way there are key opportunities to draw girls and women to engineering, give them a strong foundation in the profession, provide valuable support and encourage them to stay and thrive in the industry for the long term. This panel will address some of these opportunities, from STEM camps to high school classes to university enrolment to on-the-job mentoring.

Erika Ryter
Erika Ryter, P.Eng., is an environmental engineer, managing principal and business centre operations leader for Stantec, based in Mississauga, Ont. She completed her undergraduate degree in environmental engineering at University of Guelph and her master’s thesis in contaminant hydrogeology at McMaster University. She has more than 18 years’ consulting experience relating to the identification, assessment and remediation of contaminants and has held leadership roles focused on people management and business development. Erika has learned from exceptional female engineers, scientists and leaders and is passionate about creating an inclusive workplace to encourage other female engineers and scientists to pursue career growth and leadership roles.


Karen Callery
Karen Callery, P.Eng., is a station services specialist who has worked for more than 24 years at Hydro One, an electrical utility in Ontario. In addition to designing high-voltage transmission structures and monitoring the utility’s station equipment, she is a member of the steering team for its Women in Trades, Technology and Engineering Stations Chapter. Callery volunteers as director of logistics at Camp Engies, a not-for-profit that introduces girls to engineering. She has been an integral part of the camp since its beginning; it is now in its seventh year of operations.


Ilana Danzig
Ilana Danzig, P.Eng., is the managing principal of the Vancouver office for Aspect Structural Engineers. She specializes in construction engineering for mass-timber buildings and has helped grow Aspect’s portfolio beyond B.C. and across the U.S. Ilana emphasizes the importance of building a culture of mentorship and coaching for female engineers to help develop tomorrow’s leaders.



Marcia Friesen
Marcia Friesen, P.Eng., is professor and dean of the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba, having previously served as a program leader and associate dean in the same institution. Her work has resulted in new curriculum directions and programs, including a qualifications recognition program for internationally educated engineers and the new graduate specialization in engineering education. She has also been president of the council of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba and board director of the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation and ACEC-Canada.