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Mikrofill 3 Pressurisation Unit

Mikrofill as part of the Stuart Turner Group are innovative UK designers and manufacturers of commerical condensing boilers, hot water loading systems, dosing pots, pressurization equipment and the NEW Velocity booster set range. Top product quality, reliability, innovation and customer service.


Customers can expect nothing but the best product, using the latest technology, manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the most reliable solution available.

Our expert team can conduct a detailed analysis of the performance requirements of the intended project to produce a fully costed proposal. All our systems are custom designed in-house using the latest CAD software to develop, evaluate and aid the design of the most efficient solution for your specific needs.

We have invested in the latest production and manufacturing technologies to ensure we work to the highest quality standards. This guarantees our system reliability whilst at the same time maximizing efficiency and shipping on time and in full.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Mikrofill 3 can fill any heating or chilled water system from empty, it provides commercial backflow protection and is an electronic system pressure manager.

Some of its integral features include, flood protection, system fault code displays and fill volume indicator.

When filling, the Mikrofill 3 only consumes 30 watts p/hr and 10 watts p/hr on standby, making the Mikrofill 3 97% more energy efficient than pump type units.

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