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Quebec invests in Turcot exchange, Villemarie Tunnel

March 3, 2015

Quebec is poised to spend $4.9 billion on transportation projects in the next two years.
The province’s Transport Minister, Robert Poëti, announced on March 1 that the money would be spread over 1,900 projects, but over half of the funds will be for projects in the greater Montreal region.
The projects earmarked for the funds are as follows:

– rebuilding the Turcot Interchange linking Highways 15, 20 and 720

– rebuilding the Dorval Circle linking Highways 20 and 520

– improvements to Highway 25 between the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel and Sherbrooke Street


– resurfacing Métropolitaine Highway 40

– resurfacing the walls of the Villemarie Tunnel

– recovering the Villemarie Tunnel between Hôtel-de-Ville and Sanguinet streets

– resurfacing Highway 13 between Highways 20 and 40.

According to a CBC Montreal report, Poëti said $1.2 billion of the money is for improving public safety. He noted that the percentage of structures like overpasses and bridges that are considered in good condition has increased 10 per cent since 2009.

To read the CBC article of March 1, click here.



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