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YHBP systems drive servo-pneumatic balancers

July 31, 2020

Workers can move loads of 70 to 999 kg with a light touch.

YHBP drive system

Balancer kits make lifting heavy loads like wheel assemblies much easier and safer.

Festo Canada, based in Mississauga, Ont., has introduced its YHBP drive system for servo-pneumatic balancers to allow workers to move loads of 70 to 999 kg with the actuating force of a touch of a finger, whether for loading, unloading, stacking, destacking, rotating, swivelling or tilting.

Designed for assembly functions in auto plant and other production lines, each YHBP is operated using a pneumatically activated ‘smart’ handle and control system, which detects whether the user wants to move a load up or down and automatically detects and adjusts for that load’s weight. The package also features a pneumatic ISO cylinder, displacement encoder and balancer valve unit.

The drive packages are available in basic and safety configurations, the latter of which achieves Performance Level D with a sensor interface and relay for dual-channel speed monitoring and power shutdown, ensuring (a) it is brought to a safe state in the event of a faulty component and (b) dangerous movements are prevented in case of voltage failure or sudden drop in pressure.


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