Canadian Consulting Engineer

UV-C fixture disinfects airstreams to inactivate coronavirus

January 27, 2021

UV Resources DLX-N

UV Resources’ high-output dual-lamp exterior-mounted NEMA-4 (DLX-N) ultraviolet (UV) fixture is designed to inactivate pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, both on surfaces and in moving airstreams.

The antimicrobial DLX-N is outdoor-rated for HVAC system installation on any exterior return, supply or exhaust duct for ventilation intervention. Its 254-nm UV-C germicidal irradiation wavelength can inactivate the genetical material in the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other disease-causing agents.

The lamps, ranging in length from 12 to 31 in., are inserted into ducts ‘spear-style’ through ¾-in. holes so they protrude into the airstream. As the fixture is installed and serviced outside the air handler or duct, managers of commercial, industrial and health-care facilities can address airborne pathogens in hard-to-access areas.


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