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ThermalPass detects fevers on the go

June 3, 2020

Unlike other systems, the frame does not require individuals to be stationary for screening.

A Toronto-based joint venture (JV) between Internet of Things’ AI Labs subsidiary and Commersive Solutions has introduced ThermalPass, a fever detection system designed to help reduce transmission of contagions, to the public-safety market.

The patent-pending system screens for higher-than-normal body temperatures in potential carriers of the novel coronavirus and other fever-bearing contagions. It is intended for installation at the entranceways to high-traffic public locations, both indoors and outdoors.

While fever detection typically requires an individual to be stationary for accurate readings, ThermalPass can reportedly screen people as they pass through it, without any effect on their pace of movement. Its metal frame integrates 19 infrared (IR) medical-grade thermal sensors, which trigger audio and visual signals whenever the specified temperature is exceeded.

“We envision the implementation of ThermalPass across various public settings, including entrances to bus and train stations, schools, retailers, office buildings and sports venues,” explains Michael Lende, president and CEO of Internet of Things. “We also anticipate its widespread installation as necessary in the containment of all fever-bearing contagions in a post-COVID-19 world.”

Prototypes entered pre-commercial testing in May, with a final product launch subject to CSA approval for Canada and UL certification for the U.S.


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