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Software uses AI to manage physical security

November 23, 2021

Hakimo screenshot

Screenshot courtesy Hakimo.

Hakimo has introduced ‘smart monitoring’ enterprise software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), for managing access control and physical security operations for the built environment. It is designed to save security staff time by revealing threats that would previously have gone unnoticed.

By way of example, the software can detect attempts at ‘tailgating’ using existing security cameras, without needing to add specialized sensors. Tests show a 99% precision rate. At the same time, the software uses automated email alerts and gamification to encourage behaviour change among employees.

Hakimo also uses video analytics to automatically resolve false alarms and reduce nuisance alarms by 75 to 85%. Meanwhile, data analytics algorithms analyze alarms over time, diagnose faulty hardware and highlight anomalies in security card-holder behaviour, such as unusual times or locations of use.


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