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Saniflo makes addition of amenities to historic hotel easy with its Sanicubic 1 pumps system

November 1, 2016
By Press release

GUELPH, ONTARIO (October 5, 2016) – Saniflo Canada, the worldwide leader of macerating and grinder toilets as well drain-water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications, features its Sanicubic 1® as a solution for hotels to update their amenities with ease and without the need to disrupt operations with construction.

The Sanicubic 1 is a pre-assembled, heavy duty grinder pump designed to pump waste water from multiple fixtures in commercial settings such as an office complex, schools and hotels.

“Saniflo can be used in more than just residential applications, and products like our Sanicubic 1 are an ideal options for commercial use,” said Ross Evans, National Sales Manager, Saniflo Canada. “The Sanicubic 1 is engineered for high-traffic applications and with simple installation requirements, businesses can expand and upgrade without having to shut down and lose revenue.”

Recently, Saniflo worked with a historic hotel by converting an unused storage space into a spa, sauna and gym, thereby upgrading its amenities. The underground location of the space and the lack of drainage made it difficult for regular plumbing solutions to be used. The Sanicubic 1 was the perfect solution as it can handle the wastewater from multiple units including sinks from the spa and was installed without major construction or the need to interfere with the hotel’s regular operations.

The Sanicubic 1 is an 1HP – 115V simplex grinder pump that consists of a fast-rotating grinder blade to reduce solids from the wastewater of toilets, tubs and showers, sinks, washing machines and more. The simplex-grinder system, made of stainless steel, liquefies the solids into small particles, the effluent is pumped though a 1 ½” diameter rigid pipe connected on the top of the pump. The maximum pumping distances are 36 ft. vertically and/or 328 ft. horizontally, with gravity fall.

Saniflo Canada offers a complete line of macerating toilet systems and drain-water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo markets across Canada, and is currently available through most major plumbing wholesalers and hardware retailers. For more information or installation videos, please visit or call Saniflo Canada at 1-800-363-5874.


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