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RailJet seeks to reduce railroad maintenance time

November 23, 2021

RailJET Subgrade Stabilization System

Photo courtesy GeoStabilization International.

GeoStabilization International’s RailJet subgrade stabilization system is intended to increase efficiency and safety in railcar repair and maintenance, while extending infrastructure longevity.

Intended for railroad soft-subgrade soils stabilization, the geohazard mitigation firm’s new system uses a modified jet grouting process to improve subgrade integrity below mainline tracks, super-elevated curves, bridge approaches, railyards and specialty track work, such as switches and crossovers. It is designed to optimize productivity by reducing track bed maintenance, particularly in limited Hi-Rail access-only areas with dense, high-tonnage train traffic.

The system’s hydrodynamic mix-in-place technique produces a soil-cement column, ranging from 8 to 16 in. in diameter, to reinforce the soil both in bearing and shear. It allows for grout to be delivered on demand, with no waste or spoil mess to clean up during or after treatment.

“The mobility and versatility of the equipment significantly decreases repair time and the track is immediately capable of moving train traffic once the equipment is clear,” says Kyle Guenther, director of railroad services for GeoStabilization International. “It extends the lifespan of the track infrastructure by improving subgrade stiffness, reducing long-term settlement and leaving a more resilient track bed to support the heavy cyclic loading conditions of freight.”


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