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Protection for multiple linesets on rooftop VRF systems

June 6, 2018

The enclosure and support systems are designed exclusively for multiple linesets used with variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) multi-split systems.

VRFMarketair introduces the RD-Series and PD-Series commercial rooftop enclosure and support systems designed exclusively for multiple linesets used with variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) multi-split systems.

Marketair’s RD-Series (rectangular metal) and PD-Series (round PVC) are practical, economical, durable, aesthetic and professional enclosure solutions for protecting multiple linesets commonly used with the emerging North American rooftop VRF system market.

Both series complement each other and potentially save up to 35% in contractor labor compared to custom-fabricated galvanized sheet metal lineset ducting or other fabricated, labor-intensive alternatives. They are essential for preventing mechanical damage as well as premature insulation degradation from ultraviolet (UV) light, and animal and insect pests.

The RD-Series comprises roll-formed rectangular sheet metal lineset duct and fittings featuring a proprietary, anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant hot-dipped and chromium-free ZAM coating (Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium). Widths for the RD-300, RD-450, RD-600 and RD-900 are 12, 18, 24 and 36-inch (304.8, 457.2, 609.6, and 914.4-mm) respectively and all are 5-1/8-inches (131-mm) high. Based on a 3/8 x 3/4-inch (9.5 x 19-mm) lineset with 1/2-inch (12.7-mm) insulation on both lines, the RD-Series can accommodate the following number of linesets: RD-300 (13), RD-450 (19), RD-600 (26) and RD-900 (38).

The PD-Series is UV, fire, impact and weather-resistant, ivory-colored extruded round PVC lineset enclosures. It’s designed for stand-alone use on smaller VRF projects, or it can function as a complementary transition piece between a condenser and a RD-Series run of multiple linesets. The duct lengths snap together lengthways and all fittings open in halves for easy access. It’s available in three sizes–the PD-90–3.5-inch diameter (88.9-mm); PD-120–4.7-inch diameter (120-mm); and PD-140–5.5-inch (140-mm). The PD-90 and PD-120 sizes are available only in 78.75-inch (200-mm) lengths.

Because of its sleek profile, smooth surface and neutral color, the PD series is also suitable for use indoors to conceal and protect unsightly exposed linesets, drain lines and cables.

Similar to the RD-Series, each size comes with a selection of 90 and 45 degree elbows, couplers, tees, wall flanges, end caps and mounting brackets which can be customized to suit any lineset configuration.


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