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PKS air-to-air heat exchangers create closed passive loop system

April 7, 2020

Energy is saved as electrical enclosures are cooled.

Unlike a typical air-to-air heat exchanger, which creates a path that allows heat to flow from a higher to lower temperature more quickly than cooling can occur within an enclosure wall, the Pfannenberg Kinetic System (PKS) series creates a closed passive loop that, (a) unlike a filter fan, does not allow external and internal air to mix and, (b) unlike a cooling unit, does not involve an active compressor using energy to facilitate the heat flow.

The thermodynamic properties of the PKS refrigerant cause it to move through the coils without a compressor, saving energy as it cools electrical enclosures. Also, the closed loop prevents dust and other particulates in the ambient air from drifting into the enclosure and damaging components.

Two fans move air across the heat exchanger which, in turn, allows heat to be absorbed from inside the cabinet and released into the ambient air. The system is intended for automotive and other climate-controlled factories that require careful cooling.


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