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Otis unveils new generation of digitally native elevator platforms

June 8, 2021

The smart, connected Otis Gen3 and Gen360 digital elevator platforms build on the design and flat-belt technology of Otis’ Gen2 family of elevators.

The G360 elevator. Photo Credit: Otis Worldwide Corp.

Otis Worldwide Corp. has introduced a new generation of digitally native elevators:  the Otis Gen3 and Gen360 digital elevator platforms.

Designed to meet the current needs and future expectations of an increasingly connected world, these new vertical mobility platforms are smart, connected systems that build on the design and flat-belt technology of Otis’ Gen2 family of elevators – both platforms provide smooth, quiet rides, safety, durability and energy efficiency.

The Otis ONE IoT digital platform is native to both platforms, providing the connected intelligence that defines these elevators. By collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from the elevators’ smart sensors, the Otis ONE platform is able to deliver real-time performance information, proactive communication and predictive insights. Otis ONE technology also makes it possible to resolve many issues remotely and securely. And with cloud-based APIs (Application Programming Interface), both platforms integrate easily with other smart building systems to create enhanced value for facility managers and passengers alike.

The Gen3 elevator is a new, digitally native elevator platform that combines the proven design of the Gen2 elevator with the connectivity of the Otis ONE IoT digital platform. Otis ONE monitors equipment health and performance in real time, 24/7. The information is collected and analyzed and accessible to customers immediately with full transparency. The Gen3 elevator is available with the Otis eView in-car display that streams infotainment for passengers and connects them with the OTISLINE customer support center via video chat in the event of an emergency. Passengers can call the elevator and log a destination from their smartphone – eliminating the need to push call buttons as it is pre-programmed to sync with the Otis eCall app. With passenger health and well-being in mind, the Otis Cab Air Purifier as well as a range of voice and gesture technologies are also available.

The Gen360 elevator includes all the features of the Gen3 elevator, built around an all-new electronic architecture that sets new standards for a proactive digital elevator experience. Its state-of-the-art technologies provide enhanced design, safety, service, experience and support.v With the Gen360 elevator, architects are free to design buildings with more attractive and easy-to-build flat roofs since there is no longer a need for refuge space at the top or a roof extension to house the top of the hoistway. This is thanks to a foldable, in-ceiling platform that allows most maintenance operations to be performed safely from within the car rather than on top of it.

Many mechanical safety components have been replaced by “drive by wire” electronic technology, inspired by the automotive and aerospace industries, allowing 24/7 remote monitoring, increasing overall reliability and freeing hoistway space to accommodate larger cabins. The new electronic architecture also significantly reduces the potential for entrapments. If the elevator stops unintentionally, in many cases our new electronic safety system is able to deliver the car smoothly to the closest floor.

The Gen360 elevator uses sophisticated sensors to detect and prevent potential issues, keeping downtime to a minimum. Otis experts can use 360° hoistway live vision to visually confirm, fine-tune, diagnose and solve many issues remotely without interrupting service. Designed for new and existing low- to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, the Gen360 elevator is currently in operation with customers in six countries across Europe.

The Gen360 platform is initially available in Europe, specifically in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Gen3 platform is initially available in North America, Australia, China and other parts of Asia.


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