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New K28 ESFR Storage Sprinkler is UL Listed to Protect 48 foot High Warehouses

May 8, 2015

Hastings, Michigan, U.S.A. – Viking Corporation, a global leader in fire protection and life safety systems, announces the availability of its new Model VK514 specific application ESFR pendent sprinkler. This new UL Listed sprinkler provides ceiling-only protection for storage up to 43 ft (13,1 m) in warehouses with ceilings as high as 48 ft (14,6 m), without the use of in-rack sprinklers.

The Model VK514 has a larger K Factor of 28.0 (404), which results in a lower pressure requirement of 35 psi (2,4 bar). The reduced water demand for the sprinkler system may allow for smaller pipe sizes and possibly eliminate the need for a fire pump. Additionally, the new K28 ESFR pendent is UL Listed for aisle widths as narrow as 6 ft (1,8 m). The result is a truly innovative sprinkler that provides for greater racking flexibility, higher building heights, and a more cost-effective sprinkler system overall.

The Model VK514 is approved to protect Class I-IV commodities, as well as cartoned unexpanded plastics, stored in single- or double-row racks, as well as solid pile storage and open portable rack storage. The sprinkler is offered in 165°F (74°C) and 205°F (96°C) temperature ratings and has a 1 inch NPT or 25 mm BSP thread size.

Viking is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative fire protection and life safety
systems. For over 90 years the company’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the devastating effects of fire. For more information on Viking’s complete line of fire protection products and services, please visit or call 800-968-9501.


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