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Magnum Energy Introduces Mx-USR-LM Revenue-Grade Metering Relay

November 1, 2016
By Press release

Expands OPUS line of wireless lighting controls with metering, temperature sensing, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting capabilities

Hudson, OH – Oct 18, 2016 — Magnum Energy Solutions, a leader in innovative wireless energy management solutions, introduces the latest product to the Magnum OPUS line of wireless lighting controls with their revenue-grade metering relay, called the Mx-USR-LM. This new relay is an enhancement to their single channel, 0-10V high voltage relay pack and now includes both metering and temperature sensing capabilities. The metering chip utilized can be used to monitor and meter an entire circuit at 120 or 277 or utilized on a per-fixture basis.

When paired with a sensor, such as Magnum’s Mx-ML2, this new lighting relay can provide occupancy-based on/off as well as daylight harvesting functionality. The relay can also be paired with a wireless, battery-free light switch for localized control as well as dimming.

The temperature sensing capability addition is also unique. The thermistor, which can be modified to accommodate different lengths, can be used to monitor the temperature of the fixture, ceiling temperature, and/or the temperature data from surrounding equipment. This data could be used to more efficiently trigger airflow or fans inside of a manufacturing facility or warehouse, for instance.

The metering and temperature sensing data can be visualized and utilized in a variety of ways. If a building automation platform exists, Magnum’s Mx-EBOX can convert the relay data to BACnet IP objects and then bi-directionally control with the system’s logic. If no building automation platform exists, the data can be delivered through Magnum’s new Mx-CBOX to an Amazon IoT platform for visualization and analytics.

In addition to a robust portfolio of wireless building automation and control devices, the Mx-USR-LM now rounds out Magnum’s widening range of metering capabilities. For granular, per fixture power reading, Magnum’s DALI nodes are able to extract energy consumption data from applicable, power reading capable drivers like Philips Xitanium SR.

For building level metering, Magnum also offers a meter, which measures electric AC power up to 12 circuits and has a built-in web server and a solid-state memory to retain up to 30 years of data. This Magnum meter supports a wide range of current transformers that can accommodate virtually any size load. This meter is also BACnet-compatible and like all of Magnum’s products, is made in the USA.

According to Magnum’s CEO Mike Giorgi, “Metering is an essential part of greater building efficiency. When combined effectively with wireless controls from Magnum, the benefits of matching critical demand initiatives with true, real-time response can be realized.”

About Magnum Energy Solutions

Magnum Energy Solutions is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative energy management solutions for both commercial and residential applications and to the OEM market. MES specializes in embedded hardware intelligence and also develops customize software solutions to cover, allowing companies to rapidly develop and deploy wireless solutions to support their application or vertical. With no wires to run and no batteries to replace, our solutions are secure, scalable, flexible, easy to install and even easier to use. For more information, please visit


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