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Lennox Energence® Ultra Rooftop Units Now Available In 15- and 20-Ton Ultra High-Efficiency Models

August 5, 2015
By Press release

Dallas, TX (July 8, 2015) –Lennox Commercial has expanded its Energence® line of rooftop units to include 15- and 20-ton ultra-high-efficiency (UHE) models, complete with the intelligence of the Prodigy® 2.0 unit controller.

The expansion of the Energence line to include the 15- and 20-ton units comes directly from customer feedback. “We listen to our customers,” said Cindy Sparrow, vice president, marketing and product management, Lennox. “Their feedback and needs help direct the development of our products, which are designed to meet the most requested benefits, but also to adhere to and exceed industry standards for energy efficiency, sound and weight. Once we developed the industry-leading Energence UHE models in 7.5, 10, and 12.5 tons, our customers asked for additional, larger tonnages and we responded.” The Energence UHE line offers IEER leadership in 7.5- to 20-ton units (21.5 IEER) and offers IEER’s of 20 or higher in four of the five models offered.

The new 15- and 20-ton models offer EERs as high as 12.7, and IEERs up to 20.2. With the SunSource® commercial energy system, the efficiency can be as high as 43 IEER and beyond. The new Energence models feature four stages of cooling and four stages of heating, which provide better comfort and improved energy efficiency. Efficiency on the 15- and 20-ton models increases as much as 52 percent.  Additionally, Lennox offers SCR electric heat for the electric/electric models.

“The Prodigy 2.0 unit controller is a key reason the Energence rooftop units are a top choice among businesses,” said Farhad Abrishmaka, senior product manager of controls for Lennox. “The combination of efficiency and intelligent controls provides a low total cost of ownership and savings over the lifetime of the unit.”

With more than 250 adjustable parameters that meet almost any design specification, the Prodigy 2.0 unit controller makes controlling the Energence UHE rooftop unit easier than ever. The enhanced display and simplified navigation allows for easier installation, operation, troubleshooting, unit monitoring, and servicing.

The Energence UHE units are designed to offer customers ultimate energy savings with innovative features such as the Advanced Cooling System and MSAV® (Multi-stage Air Volume.)

Energence UHE models have the option of either the DirectPlus blower system, available on 7.5 to 12.5-ton models, or the belt-drive blower system, which is available on all 7.5- to 20-ton models. The DirectPlus blower system is a patent-pending design that combines the motor and electronics into one unit, and uses fewer components. Both the DirectPlus and belt drive blower options feature slide-out access to help reduce maintenance time and costs.

Built to suit a variety of sizes and applications, Energence UHE units are backwards compatible with similar tonnage existing Lennox rooftops, offering a simple solution for replacement applications. In many replacement applications, these units eliminate the need for adapter curbs, thus reducing the overall weight.  Plus, with outdoor sound levels as low as 81 dBA, up to 11 dBA quieter than competing units in the UHE category, Energence UHE units can help eliminate costs associated with reducing outdoor sound.

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