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KSB’s new AmaDS3 modular pump station for wastewater systems eliminates clogging


Mississauga, Ontario, June 2014 – KSB’s new AmaDS3 pump station offers a reliable, low-maintenance solution for wastewater lift station systems that require pumps to deliver wastewater from a collection point to a treatment facility. The AmaDS3 addresses the problem of clogging with an ingenious solid materials separation system that eliminates the need for the pumps to handle suspended solids directly. As a result, there is no risk of blockage or clogging inside the pumps, fewer emergency repairs, reduced maintenance costs and longer pump lives. Moreover, since the pumps no longer need to accommodate solid or fibrous materials, internal free-passage clearances can be reduced to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The pump stations are self-contained and fully sealed, which simplifies installation and saves maintenance workers from having to handle waste products directly, improving both safety and productivity. Each unit has duplicated sets of solids separators, pumps and valves so that the unit can remain in operation when individual components are taken off-line for cleaning and maintenance. AmaDS3 pump stations are powered by reliable, energy-efficient KSB pumps with heads of up to       85 metres for long-distance water transport.

AmaDS3 pump stations are available in various sizes suitable for municipal or industrial wastewater management systems and are ideal for hospitals, resorts or large hotels where pump systems are needed to transport locally collected wastewater to offsite treatment facilities.

About KSB

KSB Pumps Inc., based in Mississauga, ON, is a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. KSB’s history dates back to 1871 in Germany, where the company’s global HQ is still located. In 2013, KSB generated a total turnover of € 2.247 billion (approx. CAN$ 3.37 billion) with a global workforce of 16,500 employees. KSB’s giant product portfolio consists of more than 3,000 different off-the-shelf pumps and valves – and thousands of engineered and customized solutions. KSB Canada has specialized in providing reliable pump solutions for the most challenging applications in industrial and utility power plants, environmental (water and wastewater) facilities, mining and industrial processes.


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